Trump Search Inventory Reveals Empty Folders Marked Classified

WASHINGTON — FBI agents who searched former President Donald Trump’s Florida home last month found empty folders marked with classified banners, according to a more detailed inventory of the seized material made public by the Justice Department on Friday.

This inventory lists the 33 boxes found in an office, and one storage space at Mar-a-Lago that were taken during the August 8th search. Though the inventory does not describe any of the documents, it shows the extent to which classified information — including material at the top-secret level — was kept in boxes and containers at the home and commingled among newspapers, magazines, clothing and other personal items.

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The Justice Department stated that there wasn’t a secure area at Mar-a-Lago to store such government secrets and opened a criminal probe into the matter. It also focused on how it believes they were kept there in addition to attempts over several months, to hinder this investigation.

The inventory shows that 43 empty folders with classified banners were taken from a box or container at the office, along with an additional 28 empty folders labeled as “Return to Staff Secretary” or military aide. The storage closet also contained empty folders similar to this.

The inventory list does not explain why the folders are empty, or what may have happened to the documents within.

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