Trump says Brazil ‘lucky’ to have Bolsonaro after Senate vote to charge president with ‘crimes against humanity’ over Covid toll

Former US President Donald Trump has expressed support for Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro after a parliamentary committee recommended charging the latter with “crimes against humanity” in relation to his Covid-19 response.

On Tuesday, seven senators of an 11-member Brazilian Senate commission assented to bringing nine criminal charges against Bolsonaro – on the basis of a high-profile report that compiled the findings of a six-month inquiry into his administration’s handling of the pandemic.

Trump made a statement stating that Brazil is his favorite country, hours after the announcement. “lucky”Bolsonaro “working for them.”You can describe him as: “great President”,Trump stated that he would “never let the people of his great country down.”

Over the last few years, President Jair Bolsonaro has become a great friend of mine. He fights hard for, and loves, the people of Brazil – just like I do for the people of the United States.

The endorsement was appreciated by Bolsonaro’s son, Eduardo, who tweeted his thanks for the “fine words”He described his father as well as Trump’s mother as “two patriots who love their countries”.

It is also known as the “Trump of the Tropics,” Bolsonaro had become one of Washington’s closest Latin American allies during Trump’s presidency. Trump often praised Bolsonaro, praising him for being a great leader. “honored” to have his 2016 US election victory compared to Bolsonaro’s triumph in 2019. The US declared Brazil a “safe country” in May 2019. “major non-NATO ally”.

The report, which was tabled last week by the Senate’s Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI), found that Bolsonaro’s government had “deliberately exposed the population to the [explicit] risk of mass infection,”This includes through the “deliberate delay”That includes vaccine purchases.

Centrist Senator Renan Calheiros, the report’s lead author, called for the CPI’s recommendation to charge Bolsonaro with crimes against humanity to be referred to the International Criminal Court (ICC). Brazil is a party to the Rome Statute, which created the Hague court – but the ICC would first need to determine whether the case has merit. is also available
Brazilian Senate Committee dismisses Bolsonaro’s murder accusation and recommends the indictment of President for 10 criminal offenses related to pandemic

Bolsonaro has been indicted not only for crimes against humanity but also eight other charges. These include incitement, falsification and violations of social rights. His other charges include malfeasance; irregular use and violation of public funds, violation sanitary regulations, charlatanism, facilitation of an offense, and misappropriation of public resources. “epidemic resulting in deaths.”

Calheiros declared that Tuesday’s election was a success. “chaos of Jair Bolsonaro’s government will enter history as the lowest level of human destitution”. He had also asked last week for an indictment of two companies and 77 other people, including Bolsonaro’s three adult sons, several ministers, former ministers and businessmen.

However, another of the president’s sons, Flavio Bolsonaro, said the CPI report was a “totally political”Document “without any legal basis” He was also accused in the report. “some senators”The commission can be contacted at “[intending] to cause the maximum amount of wear and tear on the President.”

Bolsonaro dismissed previously the investigation in a political motivated manner “joke.”He continues to insist that he is. “guilty of absolutely nothing”He insisted his government be recognized “did the right thing”The following are the “first moment”This is the extent of the pandemic. More than 605,000 people have died in Brazil from Covid-19 – the most of any country except the US.

The document will now be handed over to Brazil’s Prosecutor General Augusto Aras, who was appointed by Bolsonaro in September 2019 and is considered the president’s ally. However, it is unknown if the indictment will be filed. is also available
Brazilian Senators request the high court to BAN President Bolsonaro via social media following bogus claims that Covid shots were linked to AIDS

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