Trump gives backing to French presidential hopeful — Analysis

The former US president told candidate Eric Zemmour “not to give in,” according to campaign staff

Former President Donald Trump spoke Monday with Eric Zemmour in Paris, France to discuss the French presidential candidacy. He was advised by the latter to “stay courageous,” according to Zemmour’s campaign manager. 

Guillaume Peltier, the vice-chairman of Zemmour’s ‘Reconquete’ movement, told France 2 television on Tuesday that the call took place late on Monday evening and lasted “around 40 minutes.”  

“Donald Trump told Eric Zemmour not to give in, hold firm, stay courageous,”Peltier said, though he acknowledged that outsiders can sometimes be subject to harsh media scrutiny.

He stated that the call was being held “after Donald Trump’s office responded positively to our various requests,”Zemmour was not able to fly to Florida for the meeting because it was too difficult. 

France is getting more right wing. We should have seen it coming

“To win, never change your line. Don’t give in,”Trump also said it. 

Zemmour is a radical anti-establishment figure, who has openly spoken out about his opposition to Islam and immigration. He has been compared to former US President, which has led him to be called “Zemmour.” “Le Trump.”

The Paris-born polemicist of Algerian-Jewish descent, who has been convicted several times for inciting racial hatred, espouses a nativist agenda, with some experts suggesting Trump’s 2016 campaign is the blueprint for his own candidacy. 

He previously suggested a ban against foreign-sounding name, such as Mohammed. Also, he cited a conspiracy called the Grand Remplacement (Great Replacement), theory that claims complicit forces want to repopulate France by Africans.

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