Climate activists detained after disrupting summit to accuse French govt of championing ‘fossil fuel finance’ — RT World News

A group of activists called Les Amis de la Terre (Friends of the Earth) has disrupted a speech by the French finance minister, accusing the country’s government of championing “fossil fuel finance” ahead of the COP26 meeting.

Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Green Finance in Paris was giving a speech when climate activists entered to ask that France take more drastic measures to combat climate change. This included ending fossil fuel investments.

The activists disrupted the speech by displaying a banner proclaiming “Activists are not allowed to speak” “Macron: Champion of fossil fuel finance,”You can also call on officials from the government to “stop oil and gas expansion.”

The campaign group reports that four people were detained and six more taken by police after they tried to clear out the crowd. They are not yet certain of the charges they were facing. also available
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Le Maire discussed before the interruption how France’s government plans to use tax revenue from fossil fuels in order to transition the country to an environmentally-friendly economy.

“If we guarantee that every euro of tax revenue on petrol, diesel, gas and fuel oil will be allocated … to the fight against global warming, I am convinced that will facilitate financing the ecological transition and make the tax system more acceptable,”The finance minister stated.

After a French court ordered that Macron honor his pledges regarding climate change, the strategy has changed. Back in August, Macron’s government was fined €10 million ($11.6 million) by the country’s highest administrative court for failing to secure improvements in air quality.

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