Trump beats Biden in imaginary 2024 match-up – poll — Analysis

Also, the ex-president is still the preferred choice of Republicans. Ron DeSantis was far behind.

A new poll revealed that former President Donald Trump would defeat current US leader Joe Biden, in a hypothetical matchup for 2024.

According to results from a Harvard CAPS Harris survey (March 23-24) and published by The Hill Monday, Trump would have 47% support while Biden would be trusted 41% by respondents if the election was held right now.

Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States would perform worse than Trump against her boss. 38% out of 1,990 voters would choose Harris over Trump.

These findings come as Biden’s ratings spiral downwards. According to a recent poll by NBC News, the president’s approval rating has fallen to just 40%, the lowest level of his presidency per NBC’s records, amid the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and the largest inflation spike in 40 years.

Biden’s approval rating sinks to record low – poll

Though Trump has yet to formally announce whether he’ll run for election, the Harvard CAPS-Harris survey brings him more good news. He remains the number one candidate for  Republicans: 59% would be happy to support him. Only 10% of the votes for Ron DeSantis (Florida Governor), are from Florida, where he is a favorite to win the GOP nomination.

The support level for Mike Pence, former Vice President, is only one point higher. If they were to compete for the Republican nomination, DeSantis would be victorious with 28%, while Pence would get less than 24% according the poll.

Trump has repeated his claim that Trump’s 2020 victory was the result of a “blind” election. Trump only served one term between 2017 and 2021.StealedHe said, “From him. His campaign has filed numerous lawsuits, but they haven’t helped to change the outcome.

Trump was removed from Facebook, Twitter and other major social media platforms following his involvement in the inciting of the riot on January 6, 2021.Coup“, as Biden refers to it.

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