Truck carrying beer flips on busy highway (VIDEO) — Analysis

On Sunday, a truck carrying Corona beer bottles was struck by lightning in the Netherlands. It flipped onto a busy road and landed its goods on the highway. This caused multiple closures of lanes for more than an hour. Near Geleen, the accident took place.

Local media reports have stated that the truck’s driver was not a local resident. “probably”Under the influence of narcotics. Limburg’s news website reports that police will take the driver to be tested for drugs. “drugs or sleeping pills” were involved.

According to the outlet, the driver hit the Kerensheide junction guardrail while driving north along the A2 highway towards Eindhoven. After hitting the railing the vehicle went into swing and finally ended up on its sides.

Images from the collision showed beer bottles broken and scattered along the highway, as well as the gap between guard rails. Photos on social media suggest that there were not other vehicles involved and no injuries were reported.

After the debris and collision, authorities had to close the northbound expressway for one hour. The recovery vehicle then tow the truck away while the railing was being fixed. The southbound expressway was also closed for one lane.

This incident prompted funny responses on social media from users who were concerned about the effect it would have upon beer supply. The country is currently in a strict lockdown over concerns about spreading the Omicron strain of coronavirus.



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