Train goes off the rails, killing four — Analysis

A regional passenger train heading to the city of Munich from the Bavarian ski resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen ran off the rails around midday on Friday. According to local police, at least four persons were killed and 30 others sustained minor injuries in the accident.

The local media, reporting on the police, reported that three carriages at its rear jumped onto the tracks and were overturned. One carriage was seen on the roof while another is found on the slope next to the tracks in videos.

“People have had to be pulled through windows,”A spokesperson for the federal police told journalists. Police officers as well as emergency medical services, several rescue helicopters – from the neighboring Austria and even the German military – have been deployed to the scene to mitigate the consequences of the train crash, German media outlets have reported.

In total, 60 passengers were affected. According to local authorities, around 30 passengers were injured while 14 are still in critical condition. The incident resulted in three deaths and one death.

This happened just before the start of German summer holidays. The authorities are concerned that there may have been many students or pupils returning to Germany on train rides. Unknown how many students were hurt and if they died in the incident is not clear. The statement was confirmed by a spokesperson for the federal police. “people of all ages,”Children, as well as adults, sustained serious injuries in the accident.

One dead, 14 injured after trains collide in Munich – police

The route from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Munich remains blocked. Local authorities say it could take up to several days to clear the carriages that are stuck. Police believe that the number of victims may rise further if there are more bodies in the rubble. Another police official stated that “everyone has been rescued from the train.”Officials say that rescue personnel plan to examine the carriages once more.

It is not clear what caused the accident. A double-deck train carrying regional passengers was travelling along single-track tracks. Volker Wissing Federal Transport Minister stated that his ministry was “in close contact with the railway [operator]”They were offered its support. He also added that the ministry’s “experts were already on site to investigate the cause of the accident together with the investigative authorities.”

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