Toxic smog in New Delhi way worse than previously thought — Analysis

Indian Supreme Court demanded immediate action to address the toxic smog covering New Delhi over the past week. The court even recommended a temporary lockdown. 

“Do you know how bad the situation is? People have to wear masks even at home,”Chief Justice N.V. Ramana claimed that he had been questioning officials of the government.  

According to the court, central and state officials should make “an emergency decision”Tactical plans for Monday to tackle the smog. Ramana suggested authorities to consider “a two-day lockdown,”Other measures may also be taken.

It is important to see this problem beyond the realm of politics and government. We must feel better within two to three working days.

In court, one official admitted that the capital’s air was not safe to breathe. “like smoking 20 cigarettes a day.”

The country’s federal pollution board ordered state and local authorities on Friday to be prepared for emergency measures. 

New Delhi’s air quality deteriorated due to many factors including the burning of crop stubble and transport emissions. Indian media reported that this decline occurred after Diwali, when fireworks were banned. 

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