Top German politician makes Nord Stream 2 plea

Berlin should certify the gas pipeline from Russia to ensure there’s enough winter fuel, the Bundestag vice speaker said

According to Wolfgang Kubicki (deputy speaker), Germany should certify Nord Stream 2 and get sufficient fuel from Russia for the coming cold season.

It is time to move “as soon as possible to fill our gas storage for the winter,”RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND), was interviewed by the Free Democratic Party of Germany’s (FDP) politician in a Friday interview. This party is part the German ruling coalition.

Berlin cancelled certification of the route to Russia for Russian natural gas in an effort to pressure Moscow. Even though there are gas shortages in the country, it was not allowed to be used by Germany’s government.

Gazprom, a Russian gas giant, cut supplies to the Nord Stream 1 route because of technical difficulties caused by anti Russian sanctions. Berlin stated that this move was political motivated. Gazprom was also unable to access a Ukrainian transit route to deliver European customers. The operator reported that Gazprom had refused to accept its bids.

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Kubicki claimed that Germany would get gas from Russia for heating homes and running industries. It was not important which pipeline was used.

“Once the gas storage tanks are full, we can close Nord Stream 2 again – and the other pipelines too, once we have become independent. But we’re not there yet,”He said.

He dismissed also the idea that Russian President Vladimir Putin might use Nord Stream 2 certification to gain political points.

“Putin’s greatest propaganda success would be if we ran out of gas while he was still getting a lot of money from us. This must be prevented,”According to the politician.



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