Top 5 Cities to Open a Business

Top 5 Cities to Open a Business

It’s not easy building a business, and even harder to choose the right location for it. There are many factors that go into the decision of where to open a business. It could be the cost of living, hiring people, or a variety of other things.

As Jordan Sudberg points out, the success of a business often depends on choosing the right location. The location determines how far your business reaches and how easily you can reach out to customers. Location also determines the availability of different resources and opportunities.

Certain cities have more favorable conditions for starting a business than others do. Sudberg lists the five best cities to start a business in the U.S., and why they are so popular with entrepreneurs today.

1. Los Angeles

The entertainment capital of the world has many amenities that smaller cities don’t offer, such as opportunities within the entertainment industry and access to major corporations. Los Angeles also has a large population of recent college graduates, making it a suitable place for entrepreneurs who want to launch new start-ups or expand existing businesses.

2. New York City

New York City is the financial center of America, and with more than two million people in the city alone, you’re pretty sure that there’s no shortage of opportunities for entrepreneurs in this area. There is also a large alumni network in New York which makes it easy for aspiring entrepreneurs to reach out to seasoned business leaders.

3. Washington, DC

The capital of America is surrounded by major businesses which means that there are opportunities to network with big companies, as well as getting access to important landmarks and tourist attractions. In spite of the fast-paced nature of Washington and its constant hustle and bustle, it still manages to maintain a sense of serenity many other cities lack.

4. Denver

Denver is quite a young city, with only about a decade-plus of history behind it. This makes Denver an ideal place to launch new businesses, as well as for expansion purposes. With the Colorado Rockies being its greatest assets, Denver is definitely a great choice for entrepreneurs who want to have loads of fun in their business and personal life at the same time.

5. Boston

Boston is home to countless colleges and universities, making it a great place for entrepreneurs who have an education or a degree in related fields such as engineering, computer science and mathematics. The city also offers plenty of opportunities within the IT sector, with major corporations such as MIT, Harvard and Google all being based in Boston.

An entrepreneur’s work is never done once they set up shop somewhere. There are always new opportunities to be had, and those who are diligent will always be able to find the right location in which to do business. Jordan Sudberg says that the five cities listed above are great places for entrepreneurs to start new ventures or to expand existing businesses. They have a lot of amenities that make it relatively easy for entrepreneurs to get started, and at the same time, getting access to a multitude of opportunities.


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