TIMEPieces Launches Artists for Peace, a Collection of Unique 1 of 1 NFTs from Over 60 Global Artists in Support of Humanitarian and Relief Efforts in Ukraine

Artists for Peace is a new collection of artworks by TIMEPieces artist inspired by the spirit and people of Ukraine.

Today, Monday, February 28th, at 5 PM ET collectors will have the opportunity to bid on 60+ exclusive pieces with TIME red border. Only on OpenSea. Each artwork will have a starting bid of 0.22ETH, with 100% of proceeds supporting humanitarian & relief efforts for Ukraine with TIME and the artists waiving all royalties on primary and secondary sales. OpenSea (the NFT marketplace) is offering a waiver of fees.
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TIME will pay no royalties for primary or secondary sales as part of this limited-time fundraising event. Marketplace partner, OpenSea, will waive all fees and feature the collection on OpenSea’s homepage for the extent of the auction. Visit to access the auction. Click here. Visit: Click here.

Participants in TIMEPieces come from almost every continent. They use a variety of methods to create their art, including illustrations and photography. The artists include NFT natives as well as traditional artists whose works were created for TIMEPieces. Some are animated, while some pieces remain static. To build a brighter future for Ukrainians, all of them generously donated their works.

These are the featured artists:

Alessandro Gottardo · Allison Dayka · BAEIGE · Brian Stauffer · Brobel Design · BT · Carlos Luna James · Cath Simard · Charly Palmer · Claire Giordano · Dave Krugman · Drue Kataoka · Dylan Urquidi · Eiko Ojala · Emonee LaRussa · Florian Tappaser · Fvckrender · Gabriel Bianchini · Gamo · GuliyevNow · Harry Campbell · Houda Bakkali · Idil Dursun · Isaac “Drift” Wright · J.N. Silva · John Knopf · John Mavroudis · Julie Pacino · Kendall Chambers · Kwame aka DarkMythst · Lethabo Huma · Marc Burckhardt · Mariana Pedroza · Mike Szpot · Nicole Buffett · Nyla Hayes · Olive Allen · Oscar Mar · Oveck Reyes · Pablo Stanley · Parin Heidari · Peter Arkle · REO · Raul Munoz · Showdeer · Steve Warner · Tim O’Brien · TJ Huff · Toppy Eton · Tyler Gordon · Victor Mosquera · Vinnie Hager · Yulia Brodskaya · Yvette Hammond & Ian Horelica · Zhuk

TIMEPieces is a celebration of the art of artists that has been a key aspect of TIME’s brand for almost 100 years. Three drops were hosted by the initiative, featuring 78 artists. All artists from Artists for Peace have participated in a TIMEPieces Drop before.

TIMEPieces represents an important first step in TIME’s Web3 community initiative with the goal of building utility and community value over the long-term—for artists, collectors, and brand marketers looking to enter the space.

The auction comes after the closing of the previous TIME SlicesDrop, TIMEPieces latest collection of NFT art, inspired by TIME’s nearly 100 year history. Featuring an innovative burn mechanic, collectors minted over 10,000 NFT’s from 99 collages, one for each year of TIME’s existence, and hand-made by TIME’s creative director, D.W. Pine. The Slices were exchanged for pieces of random art, which was distributed by a remarkable 38-strong roster. Holders used 5,300 Slices to get randomly selected pieces from the TIMEPeace gallery.




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