TIMEPieces and Timbaland Announce Exclusive NFT Collection

Drop features exclusive beat by Timbaland and marks TIMEPieces’ first foray in music NFTs

(April 7, 2022 – New York, NY) – TIMEPieces, the web3 community initiative from TIME, has named GRAMMY®Award-winning Producer, Entrepreneur and Tech CEO TimbalIts second Artist in Residence. TIMEPieces and Timbaland will collaborate to create their first NFT music collection. It features an original Timbaland beat interpreted by 14 artists into visual video art.

Find out more TIMEPieces x Timothy Baland: The Beatclub CollectionTIMEPieces, Timbaland have enlisted 14 artists to make videos that incorporate a Timbaland beat and Beatclub’s music. Arina Barrt, Carlos Luna James and Daria Klepikova were selected for their diverse interpretations of this beat.

Limited-edition, exclusive collection of 252 pieces will launch at the end March at Prices start at 0.2% plus gas. Each minted NFT will include a surprise pack of ten sounds from Beatclub, Timbaland’s online global marketplace for music makers.

NFT holders can participate in the contest to make their own beat by using the Beatclub soundpack. The winner will receive a merch pack and a membership to Beatclub, including access to exclusive placement opportunities with the world’s leading artists and brands.

“I am excited to collaborate with TIMEPieces and so many distinct visual artists to bring more exposure to the power of creativity with music in NFTs, and to include Beatclub in the process. The timing couldn’t be better with our Beatclub NFT portal going live in the coming weeks for creators globally to collaborate,” said Timbaland.

“Timbaland is widely recognized for pushing music and culture forward. As we embark on our first true music NFT experience at TIMEPieces, his leadership as a creator and the great work he is doing with Beatclub made him the perfect partner to pair with artists who could provide their diverse interpretations of his exclusive beat,” said Keith A. Grossman, President, TIME.

TIMEPieces x Timothy Baland: The Beatclub CollectionThis is just one of a number of new TIME moves in the web3 area. Since March 2021, TIME’s web3 initiatives have led to the development of a passionate community of over 40,000 artists, collectors and enthusiasts, including over 5,000 TIMEPiece holders who have connected their digital wallets to for frictionless access to the site. Last month, TIMEPieces published the first ever full magazine issue on blockchain with a feature on Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum.

Each quarter, TIMEPieces picks a new Artist-in-Residence to bring an exclusive collection of products to its members. Nyla Hayes, a 13-year old NFT digital artist was chosen as the first Artist In Residence by TIMEPieces.

This is the 5th TIMEPieces Collection to-date. The following collections have been previously available: Genesis, Inspiration, Ladies with long neckies are the year’s best,TIME SlicesAnd Artists for PeaceA fundraiser for humanitarian aid in Ukraine, To learn more about TIME’s work in the NFT community, visit

Beatclub just invited thousands more creators onto its platform. The invite-only model will be maintained for the near future. For more information, visit

Join TIMEPieces on or follow @timepieces on Twitter.

About Beatclub

Beatclub is the world’s premier global marketplace that connects the music creator community with record labels, publishers, gaming companies, Tv and Film companies, and independent artists. Beatclub’s NFT portal helps artists, producers, and songwriters collaborate to create NFTs.

Beatclub is the creation of Grammy Award Winning Super-Producer Timbaland with longtime business partner Gary Marella. Beatclub allows artists to buy, license or sell beats. You can personalize your license terms. This allows creators to decide on their terms for publishing, royalties and master rights. This empowering, creator-centered model has attracted an impressive list of elite producers, songwriters, and artists to join the platform, including – Justin Timberlake, J. Cole, Mike Dean, Cash Money AP, Tommy Brown, Jozzy, Larrance Dopson, Federico Vindver, Boogz, Tainy, Angel Lopez, Mike WiLL Made-It and thousands of new members.

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