Brazil’s Bolsonaro could face a returning rival — Analysis

Brazil’s former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has said he is willing to stand as a candidate in elections against incumbent leader Jair Bolsonaro, labelling his potential opponent “a poor copy of Trump.”

Lula, speaking in Brussels on Monday at the European Parliament’s media conference, stated that Workers Party must nominate a candidate for the presidency to replace right-wing Bolsonaro. He also said he would be willing to stand in the election again.  

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“I’m willing, I’m motivated, I’m in good health,”Lula said that he will make his decision in the early part of next year. This is a few months prior to the October 2022 election. Popular leftist Lula stated that his candidacy will depend on the willingness of the party to accept him. 

“We need to have someone who stands, we need to win the elections. And at the same time, we have to rebuild Brazil,”He spoke on behalf of the Workers Party.

Lula, at 76 years old, took aim also at the current president. “He’s a poor copy of Trump. But Bolsonaro doesn’t think, he doesn’t have any ideas,” the former president said, claiming the incumbent leader was hellbent on ensuring the beneficial legacies of Lula’s administration were “torn down.” 

Bolsonaro was 27 points in front of him according to a recent poll, even though his candidacy has not been officially announced.  

In 2010, Lula made way for his protégé, Dilma Rousseff. In what her supporters called a “parliamentary coup”, Rousseff was removed from power. After being convicted of money laundering and corruption, Lula spent nearly two years behind bars. This was despite serving a nine-and a half-year sentence. Additionally, he was barred from entering the election in 2018. 

A variety of judges ruled in the future that Lula’s case was illegal. The Supreme Court also annulled Lula’s earlier convictions. Bolsonaro can now face Lula in 2022.

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