TIME Releases First-Ever Full Magazine Issue as an NFT

OTIME’s first ever fully decentralized magazine issue will be released on Wednesday 23 March as an NFT via blockchain. The NFT issue features TIME’s cover story, The Prince Of Crypto Is Concerned on Vitalik Buterin’s fight for the future of Ethereum by Andrew Chow, editor of TIME’s In the Metaverse newsletter.

Read the full cover story:

This issue was created in collaboration with the LITDAO. LIT is the web3 cultural currency, NFT project and web3 platform that created and published the first completely decentralized book this year. While the magazine is being hosted on the blockchain, it will also be accessible through an interactive NFT. TIME will distribute the NFT issue via TIME to select TIMEPiece wallet holders and genesis LIT community members. The NFT issue was made possible by Circle.

Circle is the exclusive issuer of USD Coin (USDC) and a global internet finance company that offers internet-based payment and financial infrastructure for businesses of any size. It will be the presenting partner of the inaugural magazine published on blockchain. Transient Labs served as the project’s technical partner.

The announcement comes on the heels of a blockbuster first year for TIME in the web3 space, which have emerged as exciting new businesses from TIME’s initial foray in March 2021. To date, TIME’s web3 evolution has generated more than 10 million in revenue, curated a passionate community of over 25,000 artists, collectors and enthusiasts – of which, over 5,000 TIMEPiece holders have connected their digital wallets to for frictionless access to the site.

Keith A. Grossman, President, TIME stated: “As TIME continues to push the boundaries as to what is possible within the web3 ecosystem, producing the first-ever full magazine on the blockchain seemed like a natural extension for our brand and we knew this issue, in particular, would be cherished by our community.”

TIME announced today the hiring of Will Ban, its first-ever web3 Operations VP. Ban joins TIME from Artsy as the Secondary Marketplace VP. Ban will focus on operationalizing TIME’s web3 vision, building out its support of Creators and Artists, Collectors and Community, CMOs and Brands, as well as the further development of television shows based on IP from the web3 community.

Grossman and Chow will be joining Grossman on Friday, March 18, at 10:00 EST at the TIMEPieces Weekly Discord Community Town Hall. Grossman will discuss his Buterin cover story. Join the Town Hall at or follow TIMEPieces on Twitter @timepieces.

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