TIME Announces Editorial New Hires and Promotions

The following message was sent by Edward Felsenthal, TIME CEO and Editor-in Chief on Wednesday.



I invite you to join me in congratulating my colleagues for their 18 promotions. Also, please welcome 11 new editorial staff members. Some of these people may be familiar to you already. We thought it was important to share their information with the entire team, as so many people work remotely these days.

This will allow us to deliver world-class journalism to a wider audience. It will also help to increase our reach and provide immediate and urgent information. We can continue to invent to improve our support business.

This is a time of expansion and innovation for us across all platforms, and we’re thrilled to have such remarkable people at TIME.



Executive Editor Naina BajekalTakes on additional responsibility as International Editor.Naina moved from India to New York in February and continues to manage special projects as well as expand the newsroom’s development. Naina spearheaded coverage of the Russian Invasion, gave interviews to world leaders, and assisted in the launch of the Women of the Year franchise.

Vera BergengruenAssists as Senior Correspondent. Vera is a versatile reporter who has a flair for innovation. She produced agenda-setting stories on the insurrection at Washington’s Capitol and QAnon-linked politicians running for office. The Congressional investigation was prompted by her report on a right-wing organization that made money off of the ivermectin craze.

Judy BermanAs Senior Correspondent. Judy is an eminent TV critic, predicting shows’ rise with accuracy. The White LotusAnd Yellowjackets. She’s also expanded into features and cultural criticism, profiling Shonda Rhimes, writing incisive takes on streaming and smug comedians, and giving a name to peak redundancy.

Stacy Bien TIME for Kids has made her Head of Curriculum and digital. Since she joined the team in 2017, Stacy has accelerated TFK’s digital experience for students and teachers and guided our leap to a digital product in 2020. Stacy will now oversee all educational and digital work, including TFK’s eight newsletters and new brand, Your Job, which launches in May. Stacy will still be involved in the business aspect, as well as being a principal partner in marketing to consumers.

Jenna Caldwell Associate Producer Jenna joined TIME as an Associate Producer in 2020, to help us cover recent college graduates. Jenna was instrumental in the production of TIME100 Talks. She has also contributed stories on Lauren Smith-Fields, and Afro-Latino representations in Hollywood. She’s also played a major role in Person of the Year, TIME100, and Next Generation Leaders. As part of her new job, she’ll continue working on Talks and Summits and other tentpole initiatives.

Madeleine Carlisle Designated Staff Writer. In the last year, Maddie has chronicled Ketanji Brown Jackson’s historic confirmation to the Supreme Court, covered an avalanche of recent legislation in Florida and Texas, and written a powerful feature on the rising threats against doctors serving trans youth. She is a compassionate reporter and writer, and will continue covering national legal issues with a special focus on the U.S Supreme Court and the LGBTQ community.

Andrew ChowMakes his debut as Correspondent. Andrew is one of TIME’s most dogged and versatile reporters, jumping on stories ranging from NFTs to hate speech on Reddit to the Oscars. A sensitive interviewer as well as a keen observer of trends, Andrew has written a profile of Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, launched the “Into the Metaverse” newsletter and interviewed a variety of cultural leaders. Andrew, who will report to Lindsay Muscato, has been promoted.

Eliana Dockterman becomes Correspondent. Eliana is a Correspondent with a strong focus on culture, society and gender. Over the past year, she has profiled figures like producer Mindy Kaling and podcaster Alexandra Cooper, written about the pandemic’s impact on women, and maintained her role as our in-house Superhero Expert.

Phil Elliott becomes Senior Correspondent. Phil has been a mainstay in our coverage of politics since joining TIME in 2015. He took the initiative to rebuild our newsletter The D.C. Brief during the COVID-19 crises. He found the perfect match for his deep analysis and solid sourcing, and has won loyal readers across government and the nation. Phil is a great source of insight and generosity and has served as a guide for many D.C. Bureau reporters.

Alejandro de la GarzaBecame Staff Writer. Alejandro is now a TIME staff writer. He’s become a leading voice in the space, with conversation-moving stories like how U.S. civil engineers bent federal rules in a way that may have saved New Orleans during Hurricane Ida; the first offshore wind farm in the U.S.; and U.S. military efforts to go green.

Sean Gregory becomes Senior Correspondent. Sean, our leading sports journalist, has always delivered top-quality scoops and insightful features. His highlights over the last year include insightful cover profiles of Chloe Kim, Shohei Ohtani, Sue Bird and more, to pieces exploring the future of professional sports like his feature on Overtime Elite, and exclusives on Allyson Felix’s shoe brand.

Amy Gunia Sign up to become a Staff Writer. Since joining TIME’s Hong Kong bureau in 2019, Amy has been a linchpin of our Asia-Pacific coverage, reporting on everything from the Myanmar coup to the Tokyo Olympics. Her beats have covered business, sustainability, Australasia, and regional justice movements. She will report to Aidyn Fitzgerald and continue her regional coverage on climate and equality.

Senior Editor Cate MatthewsTIME Events adds the title of Programming director. Cate is responsible for producing the TIME100 franchises. She also created programming and booked speakers for TIME100 Talks. In her expanded role, Cate will oversee booking and programming for all TIME events, and work closely with Executive Editor Dan Macsai to help TIME’s overall event business reach new heights.

Dilys NgAs a Senior Photo Editor, Dilys is responsible for supervising. Dilys has led the photography direction of many of TIME’s most ambitious projects, including TIME100, and elevated TIME’s visual enterprise—from digital to the cover—through creative and compelling photography. In her new role, Dilys will manage Kara Milstein and Whitney Matewe and play a crucial role in rethinking the role of visuals across TIME’s digital presence.

Nik Popli becomes Reporter. Nik is now an integral part of TIME’s newsroom, having joined TIME 2021 as an Emma Bowen fellow. Nik has a unique ability to manage fact checking while still providing quick reporting. This makes him a valuable contributor to our daily reports. Nik, who will report to Lindsay Muscato on technology and business news and help Phil Elliott continue with D.C. Brief, will assume his new position.

Justine Simons TIME Video, Executive Producer As a talented producer and leader, Justine’s creative impact has been profound since joining TIME in 2016. Her work has directly resulted in the critical acclaim of TIME’s video journalism including an Emmy win. Justine, as Executive Producer at TIME Video will keep the talented TIME Video team together, working to grow viewership and push the limits of video production.

Francesca Trianni As a Supervising producer. Francesca worked in the TIME newsroom for nearly 10 years, covering everything from news breaking to feature documentaries. She will bring her strong narrative skills, reporting and visual style to help expand our production of award-winning, engaging documentaries. Francesca will be leading a group to produce videos for the new TIME Reports series. She will also assist with creating new digital series.

Lucas WittmannTIME Ideas has appointed Lucas as Editorial Director. Lucas, a talented story editor and newsroom collaborator, has consistently balanced daily opinion editing on a vast array of topics. In addition to editing and commissioning top-quality features. Lucas’s work encourages people to think different and to discover new ways of thinking about anything, including the air conditioner to democracy to pandemics to democracy. Lucas is looking for an associate editor in order to grow the Ideas team.


TIME is also open to the following journalists:


Aman BathejaJoins TIME Washington as Senior Editor. This will allow us to cover the White House and Congress. Aman was born in New York. TimesHe was the Deputy Weekend editor for three years at The Guardian. Aman previously served as the political editor of the Texas TribunHis career began with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Eli CohenHe is now Assistant Photo Editor in the department of photo. Eli worked at Aperture before joining TIME. The New YorkerMOMA, and. He will focus on quick-turn digital news stories and assignment research.

Maya ChungJoins us as Editor. Formerly a reporter and producer at CBS’s Inside Edition, she’ll be on Wednesdays through Sundays, continuing her weekend editing. During the week, she’ll serve as a swing editor and content strategist.

Eric CortellessaJoins Washington staff as Staff Writer. Covers Congress together with Abby Vesoulis, and national politics. Eric served as the Investigative Editor at the Washington Post. Washington MonthlyYou can find his writings on voting rights, postal services, and other matters ahead of the 2020 Presidential Election. He was previously the Washington Correspondent. Times of Israel.

Cristina FernandezJoin us as Writer for TIME for Kids. Her debut novel, a YA romance, will be published this summer by Katherine Tegen Books. She has a degree from Johns Hopkins University. Cristina has written news and feature stories in all issues of TFK.

Kyla Mandel We are pleased to have Kyla as our Senior Editor for Climate. Kyla brings nearly a decade experience as a journalist to London, New York, Washington, D.C., where she also served as the deputy editor. Huffpost’s enterprise team. Most recently, she was the project manager for the Local Media Association’s Covering Climate Collaborative, partnering with 23 local news outlets across the country.

Carol MasiclatTIME for Kids Associate Editor, Digital, joins us. With an eye for detail and keen instincts for building clear processes, Carol will focus on supporting our digital product and nurturing our communities through TFK’s eight newsletters.

Lindsay MuscatoShe joins us in the role of Senior Editor for Technology. Lindsay is a former editor of MIT Technology Review, where she led the magazine’s Pandemic Technology Project, which focused on the ways emerging technology is used to fight the spread of COVID-19. Lindsay has held a number of positions at the intersections of technology and journalism with Vox and OpenNews.

Adam Rasmi As a World Affairs editor, he joins London’s staff. He previously served as Foreign Editor for Monocle. Over the last decade, he has also held editing and reporting roles for various non-profits such as Quartz or the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Adam started his career in journalism in Beirut before he moved to London in 2017.

Kari SondeJoins us in Washington as Assistant Audience Editor. The Washington PostKari created a project which highlighted TikTok’s rising food entrepreneurs. In her new role, she will package and share content with TIME’s 50 million social followers across platforms, including TikTok and Instagram.

Juwayriah WrightAs an Editororial Producer, Juwayriah joins our team. Juwayriah, a former intern with WNYC will create digital packages and stories and collaborate with editors on story packaging.


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