Things To Consider When Starting A Clothing Business

For those looking to get involved with the fashion industry and start their own clothing line there is much to consider before starting their new business. Although it is a crowded market place if you have a good eye for detail and trends alongside good work ethics there is no reason why you cannot make a success of it.

So let’s take a look through some of the basic things that you need to consider and put in place before you take on the challenge of becoming the next fashion star.

Decide Who Your Target Audience Will Be

This should be one of the very first things to consider as it will determine the direction your style, designs and branding will go in.

Decide what kind of garments you are going to create and who they would be most suitable for and appeal to. For example if you are going to use funny captions and bright colours then your target audience is more likely to be young adults and teenagers instead of older people. Much the same if your creations are going to be more elegant and mature than your target audience will need to reflect that.

You may want to try and appeal to a wide audience but as you are just starting out it is probably best to concentrate on just one group of people for your creations and as your business grows you can then expand your designs and creations to appeal to a larger group of people.

Pay Attention To The Small Details In Your Creations

It’s important to make your products look and feel as professional as possible. You are going to have a lot of competition so you need to try and get your products standing out for the right reasons.

For example make sure your garments have attached a care label which explains how to wash them and care for the item. Adding custom labeling will help your products look like store bought clothes.

Make sure all the packaging you use to store the clothing is of good quality and any attachments that may be on the clothing products are of a good standard and attached properly.

Use Social Media To Build A Following

With all new businesses it can be hard at the beginning to gain a following to help sell more of your creations. But this has become slightly easier for entrepreneurs to do with the assistance of social media.

Creating social media pages is completely free so there is no reason not to utilise their marketplace. Try and at least create business pages on the main three social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you have the time then also use every other social media platform available to you as it is a useful and free marketing tool.

Build your following by posting good content and make sure all your posts and photos that you use on your social media accounts attract the target audience that you are aiming for.

Make sure to follow similar brands on your social media pages to keep an eye on what your rivals are doing. 

Interact with your followers and audience to help build a rapport with them. People are more likely to follow and eventually become customers if they can see you interact with them on social media.


Your brand is what is going to attract potential customers. Your brand should match what your clothing creations are about. For example if you are creating graphic t-shirts for adults your brand needs to match that type of audience.

Your branding should be clear and concise to help build your following. Make sure you have a good stand out logo that matches the styles and colours you use for your clothing creations. Try to be unique to stand out from the crowd.

If you struggle with ideas for branding then look at what other similar clothing line businesses do to promote themselves and how they go about doing this. You obviously shouldn’t copy what your rivals are doing but you can take ideas and inspiration with what is working for them.

Make sure to use the same style of branding within all your social media pages and websites and try not to confuse your customers by changing your branding and styles too often. It’s easier to keep customers long term if they understand what your clothing business is about and by changing your brand all the time will just confuse them.

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