The right must declare war on progressives’ intolerant wokeness — Analysis

Conservatives are allowing the freedom to abolish cultural norms. Now is the time to fight back

For too long, the right has given the left not only the leeway to get away with anything, but also allowed the left to appoint itself judge, jury, and executioner – setting the standards that the left itself refuses to live by. It’s “do as I say, not as I do.”

And the reason why the left has been able to do so, is that the right has for too long refused to fill the vacuum by taking charge and imposing its will on others – it’s a feature and not a bug of the libertarian mindset that has come to permeate throughout Western conservatism. 

Libertarianism, a peaceful religion, is an example of this. “live and let live” philosophy – and one that came about in good times. As the old saying goes: “good times make weak men.” And that’s exactly where we are today – because these are times of war, and the left is fighting to win. In short, libertarianism is incompatible with conservatism, and it must be uncoupled from the notion of “conservative values”Conservatism must have any chance of conserving anything. 

The slow decline of conservatism will inevitably lead one to ask, “What has conservatism conserved?” 

Progressives accelerate at a speed that conservatives don’t understand, while progressives drive like they are progressives. They’re going faster and farther than ever before – dismantling cultural norms and challenging basic decency.

Biden’s latest hire has an openly deviant lifestyle. A sign of progress, or moral decay?

Pronouns were a source of laughter. The inclusion of fake genders and blatant degeneracy were laughed out at. “alternative”We were criticized for our inexplicable traits and lifestyles. The left, despite the failure of conservatives to fight back against it, is able to force its ideology onto the public’s minds, especially through the institutions and individuals that control them while labelling anyone. “bigots”Thanks for being bold. 

One of the facets of the modern left is cancel culture: the act of exiling an individual from polite society for having opinions inimical to the zeitgeist – and it’s also a norm that has come to expose the public to the left’s hypocrisy and all its contradictions.

The left determines who gets to stay and who gets canceled, and you don’t have to look much further than the twin cases of Whoopi Goldberg and Gina Carano, with the former given a two-week vacation from talk show ‘The View’ for minimizing the Holocaust, while the latter was fired from her role in ‘Mandalorian’ and unpersoned by her coworkers for having the audacity to suggest that pandemic-related authoritarianism is on the rise – citing pre-World War II Germany’s quiet acquiescence to the persecution of Jews. 

Contrary to popular belief that the right should just live by its principles, but not overthrow the left because it doesn’t follow their rules, the right needs to confront the left and make them conform to its rules. Exposing the left’s unquestioned positions, notions, and ideas is the only way to challenge and overcome its despotic ideology. 

It is suicide for the right to refuse to take part in cancel culture. Progressives have a clear check that they can carry out their assault on individual freedoms and rights. 

Conservatives are crucial for the survival and preservation of civilized norms. They must impose conservative values as a buffer against degeneracy and depravity and to preserve social standards. 

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If progressives continue to drift further into the realm of deviant behavior, it will have an unchecked ripple effect on younger generations, who will view this as a positive sign. “normal.”It is necessary to stop the decay. 

So-called “character building” – rolling over, turning the other cheek, and taking punches – is never a good strategy in any battle, let alone a war. It’s not only okay to stand up for yourself: it’s crucial. Conservatism must have some guts and not be afraid to take on people who don’t accept them as they are. They want you to die. And beyond that – who cares about gaining their acceptance? 

A few individuals are all it takes to inspire others. It is possible to build solidarity when there are others. And if you can’t muster the courage for yourself, muster the courage to protect your children. This is what you owe to them. 

Being “principled”Only if the two sides are engaged in the same activity will it work. It doesn’t, and has never done so. Therefore the only way to win is to fight fire with fire and turn progressives’ own weapons against them.

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