The Importance of Giving Back

The community as a whole is a group of people working together for a common goal which is to make a successful community that everyone is proud to call home. Some people wonder why they should give back to the community. Why would people take time for others that they don’t know? What is in it for them? The community as a whole is a small world inside this great big world. Life doesn’t always have to be about one individual when a community propers the members to prosper. Having a successful community provides the incentive to grow and expand for outside organizations which provides more jobs and taxes which helps improve the community in vast ways.

A community doesn’t become successful without the help of community leaders such as Father Rutler of New York who is a prime example of giving back to the community and the importance of providing wisdom, guidance, and sacrifice. He gave his free time to serve as board members of several schools and colleges to help mold the children into future leaders for the community. He was also an important figure at the 911 site and was named an honorary Firefighter by President George Bush. His dedication to the community inspires others to help improve their own communities.

Volunteering is one of the most important activities people can do for a community. Volunteers help organizations provide services that may not be available without volunteer help. It enriches the community while giving individuals a sense of purpose and pride. People may also gain an appreciation for the work and contribute to the cause throughout their life. Many organizations thrive due to the help of ordinary people volunteering such as advocacy groups, senior groups, youth, and even animals in the community.

I personally volunteered as a board member of a youth sports league for several years, and it is amazing to me to see the kids I coached grow up to become successful adults. I was able to watch them grow up through sports and it made me proud to see them excelling in high school and beyond. Teaching teamwork translates to other parts of their lives.

Some people say they don’t have the time to give back as a volunteer but there are other ways to give back to the community. Donations can immensely help organizations or youth clubs. Youth organizations teach the youth how to give back to a community and have pride in what they do for their community by providing community services such as community clean-up days or helping seniors with chores. Community member’s dollars can help several different segments of the community by providing a boost to just one organization.

Giving back to a community not only allows it to be successful but also gives you a sense of purpose. There is always someone in need of your experience and being able to help the community makes it a more attractive place for growth and future generations to succeed.


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