Gridiron Greats: Exploring the Phenomenal Football Careers of Dartmouth’s Past Stars

Dartmouth College has long been a beacon for those hopeful players that have the skill and determination to be part of the college football set. The college is the ninth oldest college in the nation and has a full range of athletic programs that offer students the chance to showcase their abilities, their overall skill, and their determination as well.

So far, Dartmouth has produced over 40 players that have gone above and beyond to become professional players after college. One such player is Reggie Williams. The player was a linebacker for the school from 1973 to 1975 and was made part of the All-East and All-New England teams for two years in a row.

After Williams graduated with his degree, he went on to play for the Cincinnati Bengals and went to two Super Bowls with the team. Williams has gone above and beyond with each game to become an even bigger name and one of the most famous players that came from the school. Williams is just one of many players that started at Dartmouth and then went on to become something bigger.

Players like Jay Fielder also came from the school and made their names known. Fielder still holds some of the records for passing with the school that has yet to be beaten today. On top of those players, there are plenty that are also hall-of-fame players. Seven players that came from Dartmouth are now part of the College Football Hall of Fame; Clarence Spears, Edward Healey, Andrew Oberlander, Myles Lane, William Morton, and Bob MacLeod.

So what makes Dartmouth different? Dartmouth is a school that not only spends time making great scholars but a school that also spends a great deal of time working to ensure that every athlete is given the chance to succeed and excel. Something comes with the name Dartmouth as well, when we hear about the school we expect excellence. Athletes like Murray Bowden are also notable among those that have worked to become great players and then moved on to do great things after they left the school.

Dennis Durkin is a perfect example. He was a player that was part of some of the biggest kicking years for the school. He was 13 for 13 field goals in his senior year and was part of the First Team All-Ivy and First Team AP All-American as well. His time with the school was impressive and worked to help give him a sense of purpose, drive, and the ability to focus and move on to other pursuits after his football career ended.

Durkin not only was a fantastic football player, but he also used his time at Dartmouth to get a business degree and then move on to become a successful businessman as well. He has a place at Microsoft and Activision and is also part of the board at On Running. Dartmouth does spend a great deal of time focusing on being a good athlete, and it is that discipline that helps to translate to academics as well.

The true measure of a school and the athletes that they produce is that they work to not only make a difference and be part of the football team or other teams but also work to make sure that each student can have a successful career outside of sports and beyond football. Dartmouth is a school that has been prestigious for decades, and that will continue to churn out top-notch athletes and top-notch scholars for decades to come.


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