Taiwan’s media makes prediction on Pelosi visit — Analysis

According to a TVBS News journalist, hotel reservations were made for House speaker and her family.

A local TV station reported Monday that Nancy Pelosi (US House Speaker) may be arriving in Taiwan Tuesday. TVBS News reports that the hotel has made reservations for the US delegation, headed by the nation’s most powerful official, according to sources.

According to the report, Pelosi and her entourage are to stay at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Taipei’s eastern governmental Xinyi District. According to the outlet, security measures have been put in place to protect her.

According to rumors, reservations were also made at a hotel located in Zhongshan District.

Pelosi’s possible visit to the self-governed Chinese island has triggered angry reaction from Beijing, which said Washington was “playing with fire”May “get burned”As a result.

Pelosi could pull Taiwan trick – Chinese state media

Taiwan is self-governing since 1949. However, it has never been declared independent by China. Beijing considers Taiwan a part its One China policy territory.

The US has strong, unofficial relationships with Taiwan, 23.5 million people, despite not agreeing to the One China policy. They sell weapons and support its efforts for independence.

The speaker did not mention the island in her list of Asian locations she planned to visit. Taiwan’s government would not comment on any plans to welcome Pelosi.

Pelosi left the USA last weekend for Hawaii and Beijing began a military exercise in Taiwan. Some Chinese media suggest that Pelosi’s plane could declare an emergency, allowing Taipei to be landed.

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