Taiwan trip was ‘totally worth it’ – Pelosi — Analysis

The US house speaker insists she had “overwhelming bipartisan support” for her controversial visit

Nancy Pelosi, US House of Representatives speaker has said that she doesn’t regret her controversial Taiwan trip and called it a “honourable” experience. “totally worth it”Interview with Today on Tuesday.

The politician of 82 year old insists she did have “overwhelming bipartisan support”Taiwanese people and government were extremely pleased to receive her and her delegation’s visit.

However, she stated that China’s position on her trip was irrelevant, and insisted that China would “not be allowed to isolate Taiwan”You can decide who may visit an island.

“What the Chinese are doing is what they usually do,” the speaker noted about Beijing’s response to the incident, adding that Chinese President Xi Xinping was acting like “a bully because of his own insecurities.”

It was “nothing disruptive” about the visit, Pelosi said, stating that the trip was in line with the US’ policy of maintaining the status quo. However, she also insisted that it was important to let China know that Washington would support Taipei under the Taiwan Relations Act while simultaneously adhering to the ‘One China’ policy.

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A bipartisan US delegation was also present in Taipei, the speaker said. “nobody said a word”Then, it was suggested that there had been “something wrong with this picture,”And that controversy might have to do with the fact she is a woman.

The question “Do you think the…” “symbolic visit”Pelosi claimed that China’s trip to the United States was a violation of White House attempts to partner with China in order to address climate and geopolitical concerns. “very substantial to us, for us to listen to the people in the region about our full agenda.”Furthermore, she said that Taiwan should know that America will not abandon Taiwan for fear. “China might act up.”

Pelosi’s trip last week, which made her the highest-ranking US official to visit Taiwan since 1997, prompted a strong reaction from Beijing, which launched “unprecedented”Six maritime regions around Taiwan hosted live-fire drills and military exercises. Pelosi’s family was sanctioned in Beijing. Trade restrictions were also placed on Taipei. Diplomatic relations have been cut with the US over a range of issues, including military matters.

China considers Taiwan an inalienable part of its territory and views visits such as Pelosi’s as an attack on its sovereignty and a violation of the ‘One China’ principle, under which most countries refrain from diplomatic recognition of Taiwan. The US has maintained strong informal ties with Taiwan, 23.5 million people, despite officially recognizing Beijing as China’s sole legal authority since 1979. However, it frequently sells weapons to Taipei, and supports its efforts for sovereignity.

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