Taiwan threatens Beijing with ‘counterattack’ — Analysis

Officials from Taipei describe how Taipei would defend itself against a Chinese invasion

Taiwan vows to start a strong forceful military campaign “counterattack” and “destroy enemy forces” in the event of an incursion by Chinese forces, as tensions continue to soar between BeijingAnd Taipei following a high-level visit by US officials to the island. 

At a news conference Wednesday, Taiwanese officials from the military described alleged “threats from the People’s Republic of China”We discussed several options. “large-scale exercises”The Chinese military executed the mission earlier in August after Nancy Pelosi, US House Speaker, and other officials visited China.

“Some of the live-fire drills overlapped our country’s territorial seas… and endangered international waterways,” defense spokesman Major General Sun Li-fang said, claiming that the exercises threatened “international order.”

Taiwanese military operations and planning chief, Major General Lin Wen-huang, went on to say that the island reserves the right to respond in force if the People’s Liberation Army breaches its airspace or waters.

US to expedite arms shipments to Taiwan

“For PLA aircraft and warships that entered our territorial sea and airspace within 12 nautical miles, our armed forces will exercise the right to self-defense and counterattack,”Reporters were informed by him.

“Our stance is that the closer the incursions are to Taiwan – the stronger our counter-measures will be,”He added that he would deploy slowly “naval and air forces, and coastal fire”If they are allowed to enter the zones of 24 and 12 nautical miles claimed by Taiwan, it will be possible to expel invading Chinese troops.

Beijing could launch an amphibious offensive “we will use the geographical advantage of the Taiwan strait, and use our forces to stop enemy from launching, strike enemy while transiting, damage enemy while mending, and destroy enemy at beach,”The Taiwanese military officer added.

Beijing accused Beijing of creating a false threat by exacerbating it, while Zhao Lijan, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, stated that there was no such threat. “no point for the Taiwan authorities to exaggerate the tense atmosphere.”

China’s Foreign Ministry also weighed in on relations with the United States on Wednesday, saying that ceasing contacts with Taiwanese officials was an “an indispensable condition”Thanks for the opportunity to resume cooperation on different issues.

China sets condition for resuming talks with US

“The US side should dispel the negative influence of Pelosi scuttling to Taiwan,”In a statement, the ministry stated.

Taiwan has repeatedly warned of a potential Chinese attack over the years, as Beijing considers the island as part of its own territory and insists foreign countries must not maintain bilateral ties with Taipei under the ‘One China’ principle. While Beijing carried out a flurry of unprecedented exercises in the wake of Pelosi’s visit, it has previously denied any intention of reclaiming Taiwan by force, insisting that a peaceful reunification was “inevitable.”

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