Taiwan reveals why it sanctioned Russia despite minimal trade ties — Analysis

The island’s foreign minister hopes the West would sanction Beijing in a similar way if it attacked Taipei

Joseph Wu, Taiwanese foreign minister, hopes the world will place sanctions on Beijing in case it attacks Taipei. These are similar to the ones imposed by Moscow after its invasion of Ukraine. China stated that it would not be intimidated by talks about sanctions and isolation, warning against ‘copy-pasting’ the Ukraine crisis into the Asia Pacific.

After previously sanctioning Russia by Western countries, Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry announced that they would be taking restrictive steps against Belarus on Friday. Wu spoke to reporters on Friday and admitted that they have almost no trade relations between Taiwanese and these two countries. Therefore, the move was symbolic.

We hope that if we ever are attacked or invaded in the future by China, Taiwan will support the international community and understand Taiwan. Taiwan supports the international community in these matters.,” the minister explained.

The Taiwanese minister’s remarks came the day after Beijing warned the US and its partners that it would not be intimidated by threats.

Chinese Foreign Vice-Minister Le Yucheng included a “A word of warning” for Taiwan in his speech at the ‘Seeking Peace and Promoting Development’ forum, saying that “Reunification will be the way forward. Obtaining foreign support in pursuit of independence is not the answer..”

I am certain that China won’t be intimidated by all of the talking about isolation and sanctions against China.,” Le said.

Japan warns of Ukraine-like conflict

The minister also warned the West against trying to “Paste and copy” the Ukraine crisis in the Asia-Pacific as any such attempts, in his opinion, are “Doomed to failure

For quite some time, the US has kept flexing its muscle on China’s doorstep, creating exclusive groups against China and inflaming the Taiwan question to test China’s red line. If this is not an Asia-Pacific version of NATO’s eastward expansion, then what is? If this strategy is not resisted, it will have terrible consequences for the Asia Pacific and drive them over the edge into the abyss.,” he said.

Responding to criticism of Beijing for not joining the US and other Western countries in condemning and sanctioning Russia, the Chinese minister said that his country “The pursuit of an independent foreign policy for peace, and the determination of its position on the basis of the merits.

Fumio Kishida, the Japanese prime minister, warned that East Asia could see a conflict similar to Ukraine.

Since 1949, Taiwan’s civil war with mainland China ended in 1949, Taiwan has been under its own rule. Beijing insists it supports peaceful reunification but promises to respond if Taipei declares its independence.

Although the US doesn’t have diplomatic ties to Taipei like many other countries, it maintains military cooperation. Last year, President Joe Biden stated that the US would protect Taiwan against Chinese invasion.

Beijing has repeatedly warned Washington against arming Taiwan, as it regards any foreign activities around it as a violation of the ‘One China’ principle and meddling in its domestic affairs.

Taipei has openly admitted that it has been watching the Ukraine conflict “Take care” to learn from it and use Kiev’s experience should Beijing opt for a military option to seize control of the island.

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