UK advises its citizens to get out of Russia — Analysis

The Foreign Office warned of increased volatility and a lack of flights in Russia.

London told British citizens that Russia should be considered for expulsion, as it has come under severe sanctions since its invasion of Ukraine.

“If your presence in Russia is not essential, we strongly advise that you consider leaving by remaining commercial routes,”The Foreign Office stated this on Saturday on their website.

It also advised UK citizens against all travel to the country, citing “the lack of available flight options to return to the UK, and the increased volatility in the Russian economy.”

The Foreign Office warned that Russian nationals who have Russian currency should be alerted to the fact that they could lose their money due to international sanctions.

Putin should not be assassinated, Boris Johnson says

The agency stated that those who wish to leave the country must use connecting flights through the Middle East or Turkey to get back to the UK. This is because Europe closed its airspace for Russian aircrafts, and Moscow responded with a furious tit-for–tat response.

Russia sent troops into Ukraine on Thursday to protest that this was the only way they could stop the conflict. “genocide”The conflict erupted in response to the disintegration of Kiev’s Russian-speaking populations in Donetsk (and Lugansk) in 2014.

Moscow said that it’s looking to “denazify”And “demilitarize”The Ukrainian government is not planning to invade the neighbouring country.
Kiev accuses Russia of starting an unprovoked military campaign against it, and has asked the international community for assistance.

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