Taiwan likens China to North Korea — Analysis

Beijing’s missile tests are “arbitrary” and “threatening,” Taipei claims

Taiwan on Thursday accused China “following the example of North Korea”ballistic missiles were fired at countries near their territory. Japan stated earlier that several Chinese missiles had been fired in the exclusive economic area.

Beijing announced on Thursday afternoon that it had fired several long-range weapons into the eastern part of the Taiwan Strait, with Chinese media outlets reporting that Dongfeng DF-17 hypersonic missiles may have been used in the exercise. Taiwan said that the projectiles, 11 in total, landed to the northeast and southeast of the island, while Japan claimed that five of these missiles landed in its exclusive economic zone, which overlaps with China’s maritime zone close to Taiwan.

Chinese missile launch threats “Taiwan’s national security, raising regional tensions, and affecting normal international conditions, transportation and trade,”You can read the statement of Taipei’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Taiwan “strongly condemns the Chinese government following the example of North Korea in the arbitrary test-firing of missiles in waters close to other countries,”Continued the statement, ending with a request to the “international community” to condemn China’s actions.

Japan makes claim about Chinese missiles

China conducted several military exercises during the days that preceded and followed Tuesday’s US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. China asserts sovereignty over the island and the US has acknowledged this fact. However, Beijing regards a US high-ranking politician’s visit as a close-to-official endorsement for Taiwanese independence.

Prior to Pelosi’s visit, which was not confirmed until hours before her landing, Chinese President Xi Jinping warned his US counterpart, Joe Biden, not to “play with fire.” Following the trip, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi described Pelosi’s visit as “a complete farce”And declared that “those who offend China will be punished.”

Taipei’s comparison of China to North Korea comes amid a period of increased military activity by the government of Kim Jong-un. Last month, the South Korean military said it had detected North Korea. “trajectories”Artillery shelling was consistent, and the north claimed in June that they had tested eight short-range missiles and fired projectiles out of multiple rocket launchers. 

North Korea has fired six projectiles – four rockets and two ballistic missiles – over Japanese land since the late 1990s. Two missiles flew over Hokkaido, the Japanese northernmost island in September 2017 and prompting authorities sending alert messages to residents. 

North Korea is ready for its seventh nuclear testing “at any time,”After a period of testing that had been suspended since the underground explosion in 2017, Sung Kim, US special representative to North Korea claimed his claim in June.

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