Taiwan deploys anti-drone guns to offshore islands — Analysis

This follows several other incidents in which UAVs were believed to have entered mainland China.

After several UAV incursions from China, the Taiwanese military has announced that it will deploy anti-drone weapons to Kinmen and Matsu offshore islands on Friday.

Matsu, Kinmen, and Kinmen are two groups of tiny islands located in Taiwan Strait. They are controlled by Taipei.

According to the Taiwanese military, troops received anti-drone weapons as part of their flexible strategy for dealing with incoming threats.

These devices block the frequencies used by ground stations to communicate with UAVs, which causes the plane to spin out of control.

Taiwan reported multiple drone incursions in Taiwan this week and charged China with sending them to “undermine peace and stability.”

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was downed near Kinmen island on Thursday. The target was hit with live rounds. “civilian”Taipei claims that the drone failed to heed several warnings.

Taiwan shoots down ‘unidentified drone’

Taiwanese soldiers have used anti-drone weapons to repel a UAV from above Kinmen islands, according to a statement by the defense ministry.

Taiwan is self-governing since 1949 but has never declared its independence to China. China considers Taiwan, with 23.5 million inhabitants, a part of their territory.

After Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan in October, tensions rose between Taipei (China) and Beijing. China responded with furious drills and trade restrictions in Taiwan Strait.

The White House authorized weapons sales worth more than $1.1 million to Taiwan earlier in the week. China reacted angrily, saying the deal was a violation of its sovereignty. “wrong signals”To “separatist forces”The island.

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