Taiwan airport prepares air defense – media — Analysis

Taipei’s Songshan airport reportedly removes camouflage covers from anti-aircraft guns ahead of Pelosi’s expected arrival on the island

Taiwan’s Songshan Airport, where US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to arrive on Tuesday, has removed the camouflage covers from anti-aircraft guns located near the runway, Taipei newspaper Liberty Times reports.

These weapons are surface-to-air antiaircraft guns measuring 35 millimeters in length. They can also be used for shooting down drones or loitering aircraft ammunition. Also, the newspaper reports that radars near the airport are also on alert.

The news comes as several media outlets have claimed that Pelosi’s plane is already headed from Malaysia towards the self-governing island and is expected to land at Songshan Airport at 10:44pm local time, according to FlightRadar.

China has repeatedly warned that Pelosi’s arrival would be seen by Beijing as a “gross interference in China’s internal affairs”Wang Yi, the Foreign Minister of China stated that certain US politicians were “openly playing with fire”Washington’s attempts to create an artificial incident in Taiwan Strait were blatantly rebuffed.

Pelosi: “dares”To travel to Taiwan “the [People’s Liberation Army] will not sit idly by”It will be taken “resolute and strong countermeasures” to protect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian warned on Monday.

Germany promises to help Taiwan if China attacks

Many Asian news media reported on Tuesday that there has been an increase in military activity across Taiwan Strait by Taipei as well as Beijing, amid increasing tensions. The Independent reported on Tuesday that US Navy vessels have been sent to the area. “routine deployments.”

The White House has yet to confirm Pelosi’s stop in Taipei, but Secretary of State Antony Blinken has insisted that the “decision is entirely the Speaker’s” and that the administration doesn’t know what Pelosi intends to do.

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