Syria accuses Israel of attack — Analysis

Syria accuses Israel of firing missiles at an area south-east of Damascus, hitting the suburb Saida Zaynab. 

In response to the attack, air defenses were activated at 11:18 on Monday. “hostile missiles”According to the SANA state news agency, it was seen approaching Damascus. State TV described it as an attack. “Israeli aggression.”

They came in the direction of the Golan Heights, which was occupied. “most”SANA reported that they were intercepted and repelled by air defenses. Eyewitnesses claimed to have seen several explosions above the capital of Syria.

However, at least one missile was able to pass through and cause property damage. At this time, no casualties were reported.

Syria says Israeli missile strikes result in fatalities

Over the last several years, Israel has launched numerous missiles against Syria. Tel Aviv admitted the strike only once, claiming that it was an attack on the Iranian military presence within the country. Tehran provided military support to Damascus against Islamic State (formerly ISIS), and other terrorist groups. 

Three people died in a missile attack on the Damascus airport’s vicinity, and flights were delayed due to the fire. According to Israeli news outlet Ynet it was pro-Iran militias.

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