Supersonic object enters Pakistan’s airspace — Analysis

Islamabad asserts that the projectile, which was allegedly launched in India from Islamabad, endangered civilians as well as infrastructure

Pakistan has accused India of having launched an unidentified high-altitude supersonic object that violated the country’s airspace and eventually crashed in the eastern province of Mian Channu on Wednesday evening.

“On March 9, a high-speed flying object was picked up inside Indian territory by the air defense operations center of the Pakistan Air Force. The flight path of this object endangered many national and international passenger flights both in Indian and Pakistani airspace, as well as human life and property on the ground,” the director-general of Pakistan’s inter-service public relations, Babar Iftikhar, said during a press briefing on Thursday.

An initial forensic examination of the projectile by the Pakistani authorities revealed that it was an Indian supersonic unarmed surface to-surface missile.

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Islamabad urged New Delhi “to be mindful of the unpleasant consequences of such negligence and to take effective measures to avoid the recurrence of such violations in future.”The condemnation of the “flagrant violation”Pakistan committed not to take any action until its investigation has concluded into the incident.

The Pakistani Foreign Office has summoned India’s chargé d’affaires in Islamabad to demand an explanation. India hasn’t yet replied to these allegations.

India and Pakistan are fierce enemies since 1947 when India became an independent country from the British Empire. Pakistan was then divided into two states. Both countries have had numerous violent clashes since then. The most recent was in 2019, which saw them engage in air combat.

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