Student stops world’s largest coal port in one click — Analysis

An Australian law student has been fined and sentenced to two years of correctional service after breaking into a Newcastle coal port and hitting the ‘stop’ button in the name of climate activism.

In a video posted to the Blockade Australia Facebook page last week, 23-year-old Kirsten Hoffman proudly told the camera that she had just disabled a machine at Newcastle’s coal port – the world’s largest – by hitting the stop button. 

Hoffman is seen walking about with Blockade Australia stickers while Jacinta, Hoffman’s mum, watches. “locked on” to some equipment as part of their protest to stop the coal port’s operations and to save the world from the climate crisis. 

“For now, I can kind of just sit tight and plan the next machine that I’m going to turn off,”Noting the presence of security guards near her, she stated.

The law student claimed that she’s “part of a team of Extinction Rebels camping and causing pacifist disruption for as long as it takes to reach zero carbon emissions.” 

Hoffman continues to compare her case to the struggle of Indigenous Peoples. “I must acknowledge that we are on Worimi and Awabakal country today. The first nations, who had their land stolen and have been fighting in resistance ever since,”Her statement was accompanied by the observation that Aboriginal peoples have engaged in pacifist disruption over many years.

The Mail reported that the Mail issued a $1200 fine to the law student and a two year community corrections order for her determination.

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