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It seems like the only way to get ahead in the world anymore is for everyone to work themselves to death. Which, just a year alone at a job that doesn’t really appeal to someone’s personality will certainly seem that way. But why should anyone have to deal with that? It’s not fun, it’s not efficient, and no one should have the “I can’t wait to be off” feeling only five minutes after getting to work. The way to fix some of the problems could be fixed, by asking for a raise.

I know, it’s such a scary question to ask your boss. It isn’t always easy to sit down and have that conversation. But it’s one well worth it. Father George Rutler would tell you to not worry. He has written many books, helps to run businesses and churches. So I’m sure he’s had his fair share of employees ask him. But how do you ask? How do you begin to ask?

First, a good employee has to make sure that they are doing their part to deserve a raise. They can’t just give them out to everyone. So there’s things to do before anyone can actually ask the big guy (or girl). Every person should always do a little extra, no matter what. Of course no one can or wants to work for free, but a little initiative never hurts if someone is planning on moving up into the company.

If it was as easy as just asking, everyone would do it. But it isn’t so it takes a bit of work and an effort in asking. Be available, something a boss likes is to be able to have someone there for when they need them. Make sure that it’s a job that is easy to keep up with on a daily basis. For a raise, it isn’t wise to keep asking for coverings, days off, help on everything so it takes some pressure off. Father George Rutler sure wasn’t able to do any of that. He has had to work for his position.

He wants everyone to have faith and things will come. No one can force things to happen, they just have to if it’s what is meant to happen. Everything he has he is grateful for and thinks a grateful attitude is a great step to show the boss that you are ready and willing to do what it takes. So no matter how frightening it may be to ask for a raise, no one should put it off because then it’ll be too late. Be passionate about what is being done and always keep a good attitude, this carries on to every person talked to and interacted with. Bosses like seeing that initiative and assertiveness. Plus it will help if you have been at the job for a while and are due for one. Be appreciative and respectful when talking about it though because how it’s gone about will also have a great deal on the outcome.


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