Palestinians clash with Israeli police at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque (VIDEO) — Analysis

A group of Palestinians threw stones and clashed with Israeli police at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem’s Old City on Friday. The police said that they went into the mosque to remove rioters, who had been preventing prayer-goers from going inside.

The Temple Mount was the site of major religious sites for Jews and Muslims, where worshippers assembled in the early hours.

Israeli police say that some Palestinians carried flags belonging to the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and the militant group Hamas and started throwing rocks and fireworks at officers.

Some people hurled rocks at Jews who were praying at the Western Wall. Others barricaded themselves in Al-Aqsa Mosque where they continued throwing objects at officers.

Army Radio spoke with Officer Eliyahu Leviy, who said that officers waited till the morning prayers were over before entering the mosque to disperse the protesters. According to the mosque, around 400 persons were taken into custody.

Three officers sustained injuries while they were being attacked with stones, according to police. In the meantime, the Palestinian Red Crescent humanitarian group reported that at least 152 Palestinians had been injured. “rubber bullets”You can also stun grenades.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said that the mosque has been opened for prayer after the rioters had been removed. It also stated that thousands of worshippers still arrived during the day.  

Israel reveals results of ‘ground-breaking’ military test

Bloomberg quoted Hamas as saying that it condemned the violence in Gaza. “brutal attacks”Israeli police warning Israel to bear “all the consequences.”

After Israel had sent its troops to Jenin in West Bank, six Palestinians were reported as having been killed by the Israeli forces. Tel Aviv claimed that the raids were intended to expel extremists following a spate of terror attacks in late March and early April, which left 14 Israelis dead.

 “We will reach anywhere necessary, at any time, in order to root out these terrorist operations,”Premier Minister Naftali Bennet spoke out over the weekend.

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