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Alexander Djerassi: Wise Leader and More

There exist many methods to strategic management and productivity in business, according to entrepreneur Alexander Djerassi. And it all starts in the thinking sphere, otherwise known as the brain: All great ideas come from right here, he says, and when they do happen to come about, it’s best to have a notepad handy. Alexander sure knows the value of capturing a great thought or idea when trying to be more effective or productive in any business niche, as he often notes. Ideas only come around once, in many cases, and they’re just too darn valuable to pass up.

A Resourceful, Methods-Based, Strategic LEADER: What Really Makes One?

His methods and approach on this matter simply entail being able to rightly know the right people and leverage the right resources, at the end of the day. One has to be able to pool together all that he has and simply make it work, as Alexander has stated.

A Persistent, Methods-Based, Strategic LEADER: What Really Makes One?

One’s got to have a clearer than mud, game plan in the back of his mind and roll with it, even when it does not seem to work out at first. Rolling with the punches certainly helps, when it comes to executive planning, not to mention supervising entire regions of domestic branches, all under one vision. It’s been proven, after all, that just about 75% of new business do fall flat on their face, many even for lack of persistence. Alexander has even shared the same statistics himself, claiming that the way to win is to persist at all times.

A Persuasive, Methods-Based, Strategic LEADER: What Really Makes One?

Influence and persuasion are not always skills they teach in college, all in all, but they still remain of infinite value to the business world. Especially when it comes to reeling in the right number or amount of angel – investors, persuasion certainly matters in one approach. One must be able to properly strategize what he is going to request, the exact amount in funding or startup capital, and why. One must speak from the heart and the mind, showing the statistics and the need for one’s current (or intended) business offerings, in turn. One must appeal to the investor’s interests.

An Optimistic, Methods-Based, Strategic LEADER: What Really Makes One?

It’s of infinite value, to one, to be optimistic. At all times, in all places, with all people, showing hope and positivity (even when there appears to be little to no reason for doing so) certainly can make all the difference between winning and losing. Especially in the long run, being positive (and sharing such a spirit with one’s co-workers or employees) is an asset not often spoken about enough. “Many challenges” should be viewed as many opportunities.
Alexander Djerassi is a man of much rich insight. He has learned much. Now, he shares some of that knowledge with others…


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