Spat over English Channel fishing licenses damages UK’s ‘credibility’ – French President Macron — RT World News

Emmanuel Macron, the French president has stated that the dispute over British fishing rights is a threat to London’s reputation on the international stage. Paris threatened sanctions against the UK if the dispute was not resolved.

Fishing rights are a controversial issue “a test of their credibility”Macron said that he spoke on behalf of the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson (and his government) to The Financial Times. 

This is not only for the Europeans. It’s also for all other European partners. You don’t have credibility if you spend years working on a treaty, then you decide to do the exact opposite.

Macron claimed that he had himself “never created pointless controversy”in the wake of UK-UK disputes. The French president claimed that there were “no tension”Concerning fisheries, he stated that the issue is of vital importance to Paris and London. “We are talking about the life of our citizens.”

French fishing boats are allowed to catch fish in British waters, provided they have a permit under the UK-EU 2020 trade agreement. Paris was angered when the British Crown’s island of Jersey refused licenses for dozens of French vessels.

France threatened to impose economic sanctions on the UK, if it is not settled by November 2nd. It also suggested the possibility that power supply could be cut to Jersey. also available
France detains UK’s trawler from the English Channel in a row about fishing licenses

French authorities arrested a British scallop-dredger that they claimed was operating off French shores in the Bay of Seine without a license. Annick Girardin (French Maritime Minister) said that the trawler had been subject to regular inspections. However, it was obvious that this incident occurred in the context of the wider row with the UK. “It’s not a war, [but] it’s a fight,”RTL heard Girardin decry the British policies “unacceptable.”

Jersey’s local government claimed that the licensing process was in compliance with the agreements. Johnson stated that he was. “puzzled”France made threats to Britain, and France vowed protection of British interests. 

According to a spokesperson for the UK, French sanctions are a violation of EU trade agreements. The spokesperson said that London may consider filing dispute proceedings against France if restrictions are applied. 

Macron and Johnson will be attending the G20 meeting in Rome this Saturday.

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