South Korea’s Covid spike worst since start of pandemic — Analysis

The South Korean government intends to adjust its ‘living with Covid’ plan by imposing tougher restrictions to curb disease, as the country recorded its highest increase in daily caseload since the pandemic began.

Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, KDCA reported Wednesday a record 7,850 new cases. Most of the cases were local transmitted. A record number of critically ill patients reached 964 on Wednesday, and a record-breaking daily death rate of 94 was recorded on Tuesday.

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Yonhap reports that Seoul saw an increase of 3,000 cases for the first-ever time.

South Korea has managed to keep the spread of Covid to a minimum compared with the US and Europe. However, there have been a number of new infections per day in South Korea that have risen to 7,000 since last week.

The surge happened as the government began easing physical distancing rules this month as part of South Korea’s new ‘living with Covid’ strategy. The decision to relax some restrictions was made after the country’s full vaccination rate hit 80%.

However, the government has begun to consider new regulations regarding private gatherings and working hours. “The government is looking at the current quarantine situation very seriously and intends to implement stronger social-distancing measures,”On Wednesday, Kim Boo-kyum, Prime Minister of Korea, stated. 

Health officials earlier warned that the transition to the second phase of the ‘living with Covid’ plan could be delayed if the situation with the virus deteriorates.

According to KDCA, South Korea reported 536 495 deaths and 4,456 cases since last year’s pandemic.



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