South Korea responds to Kim’s sister — Analysis

Kim Yo-jong has previously called Seuol’s defense minister a ‘scum-like guy’

Seoul “strongly” urged Pyongyang against escalatory rhetoric and actions, after the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un lashed out against the country’s defense minister, calling him a “confrontation maniac.”

“The Ministry of Unification clearly points out that North Korea should not cause additional tension on the Korean Peninsula in any case,”Yonhap reports that Lee Jong-joo is the spokesperson of inter-Korean affairs minister.

Although there were a number of harsh words made over the weekend by both sides, they reportedly called the inter-Korean link office on Monday at 9am as per plan.

On Sunday, Kim Yo-jong, who is a key adviser to her brother Kim Jong-un and serves as a member of North Korea’s State Affairs Commission, blasted South Korean Defense Minister Suh Wook as a senseless “scum-like guy”And a “confrontation maniac.”Seoul was also warned by her. “may face a serious threat” due to Suh’s “reckless remarks.”

North Korea issues warning

The defense minister spoke on Friday about South Korea’s military readiness amid recent provocations from Pyongyang, saying Seoul can “accurately and swiftly strike any targets”In the North. He also noted South Korea’s ability to carry out precision strikes on the “origin of any attack and its command and support facilities.”

The heated exchange took place in the wake of Pyongyang’s test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile last month. South Korea has responded to this ICBM launch, displaying its military capability by firing multiple missiles at once and demonstrating its F-35 aircraft in a training exercise.

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