Fake gynecologist tricked women into online vaginal examinations — Analysis

Italian police are investigating a case of sexual abuse where a man claimed to be a gynecologist in order to examine the genitals and sex of several women. Online examinations were arranged by the suspect.

He reached out to the women telling them of his knowledge of the results of their private medical tests. Having obtained the victims’ personal data from websites, the 40-year-old suspect told the women they had been diagnosed with severe vaginal infections, requiring further check-ups, Italian prosecutors believe. 

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With the knowledge of such personal data as his victims’ names, dates of birth, phone numbers, and medical histories, the fake gynecologist tricked patients into online consultations. Local media reports that he requested Zoom video calls and asked for victims’ privates to confirm his diagnosis. 

Targeted were more than 400 women from Italy.

Some deceived women went online to be examined by the fake doctor. However, some others became suspicious and complained to local police. According to media reports, one of the victims, a man named in the post, posted her story on social media. Commenters then described similar experiences. 

This week, the prosecutor’s office instructed police to search the suspect’s house. According to Italian media, smartphones and memory cards were confiscated. The investigation into sexual violence was ongoing. Reports added that the story “Has similarities” to a case of the “Bari Gynecologist,” who has been under house arrest since late November, accused of sexual violence against at least two patients.



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