Software glitch disrupts major rail network — Analysis

Renfe is the Spanish state-owned railroad operator. It confirmed that an Alstom-related software problem had affected services in Madrid, and other long- and medium-distance routes.

According to Chamartin’s press release, this was the area that most affected. It caused problems with the “control, command and signaling subsystems.”

Renfe could not be reached for comment on the exact cause of the malfunction, or the time it might take to correct the issue. However they said that the root cause had been found.

Renfe uses Alstom’s software service to help manage its rail traffic. “very restricted flows”To ensure safety conditions,

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Renfe encouraged passengers to look for alternative transportation options such as buses and metros, since they run on different technologies and are unaffected until the workers can resolve the issue and restore services.

Madrid Rail Services is relied upon by thousands of commuters to reach work every Monday. Renfe has increased customer services facilities as a result.

Similar problems in Alstom traffic controller systems were also reported in India (Poland), Singapore, and India on Friday. It’s not yet clear how widespread these software malfunctions are or whether they are related.

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