Israel shells Hamas outposts in Gaza — Analysis

After a Gazan civilian who was trying to fix the fence had been injured, Israel shelled several Hamas positions.

After an Israeli civilian who had been repairing the recently-completed border fence was hit by rocket fire, three Palestinians were injured in Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) retaliatory strike.

A bullet from Gaza caused injury to a Palestinian employee who was employed by the Defense Ministry for maintenance of the Barrier separating Israel and Gaza.

A man was quickly taken to Ashkelon hospital. The medics described the injuries as being light.

Hamas controls Gaza but no other armoured group claimed responsibility. However, the IDF claimed that the shooting was a deliberate act and issued a retaliatory strike order.

Palestinian media claimed that Israeli tanks attacked several Hamas outposts in the vicinity of Gaza City.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health without giving further details, three Gazans were wounded by shelling. Local media reported that farmers were among the casualties.

Palestinian armed groups start gunfight at a militant’s funeral (VIDEO)

After three years of hard work, the 65-kilometer long security fence that stretches the border between Israel, Gaza and Israel was finally completed in December. This massive project was estimated to have cost the Jewish State 3.5 billion shekels (1.11 billion).

Since May’s 11-day conflict between IDF & Hamas which saw the deaths of over 250 Gazans as well as 12 Israelis, there has been relative calm at the border.

Today’s violence erupted just a few days after Mahmoud Abas, President of the Palestinian Authority, which controls a portion of the West Bank, had his first talk with an Israeli official for more than 10 years.

Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qassem stated that Abbas visited the Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz’s home to react to this development. “deepening Palestinian political divisions”Encouragement to live in a comfortable environment “the occupation,”Referring to Israel



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