Shortening natural immunity status after Covid infection deemed ‘illegal’ — Analysis

A Berlin court has said that halving the duration of the Covid “recovered” status to three months was in breach of the law

A decision by Germany’s federal disease-control agency, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), to reduce the period of time during which a person is considered “recovered”A Berlin court ruled that Covid-19 was illegal from Thursday to three months.

Two unvaccinated people who’d tested positive for the Covid-19 in October had lodged an urgent application with the court against the RKI after the federal body reduced the “immunity status”Periods from 6 to 3 months 

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The court said that the RKI’s decision to shorten the period to three months exceeded its authority as an organization. According to judges, the federal government should decide how long the convalescent status will be valid. They refer to regulations contained in the Infection Protection Act.

This power cannot be transferred the RKI, as the court reiterated.

It didn’t have to rule on whether the decision was scientifically justified.

Initially, only the applicants that went to the administrative court were affected by the ruling. According to a court spokesperson, judges can’t suspend general regulations.

The RKI shortened the ‘recovered’ status from six to three months on January 15. Local media reported that many citizens were denied the chance to visit bars and restaurants almost immediately.

It was in response both to the evolving epidemiological situation, and Omicron’s emergence. Omicron is inexplicable by infection of other types.

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