Seven people fined for anti-Semitic tweets about Miss France contestant  — RT World News

France’s Court has issued a fine to several persons for making hateful statements about an Israeli-born beauty queen. Some of the defendants claimed that they had been motivated by support for Palestinians.

April Benayoum was crowned Miss Provence, and placed second in Miss France in December. She became the subject of a slew anti-Semitic hate on the internet after she revealed her mother’s ethnicity as Serbian-Croatian, and her father, an Israeli-Italian.

French officials as well as Jewish organizations condemned the racist comments.

On Wednesday, three men and four women were fined between €300 ($347) and €800 ($926) for posting anti-Semitic tweets, and one person was acquitted, French media reported.

BFM TV reported that one of these defendants had written, “Miss Provence has lost 1,000 points for her origin.”One other person was reported to be angry that the woman representing their area was Jewish.

Un social media user shared a picture of Adolf Hitler and a caption saying, “Me when I heard about the origin of Miss Provence.”

They were aged between 20-58 years old and originated from different parts of France. La Provence news site reported that several of the defendants claimed they were making a statement. “political judgement”and were standing up for the Palestinian cause.

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