Seven killed as car packed with migrants crashes while fleeing police — Analysis

After a vehicle carrying illegal migrants crashed into a building, seven people died and four more were injured in an unsuccessful attempt to escape the police in southern Hungary, the car flipped over and rammed into another.

The deadly incident occurred late on Monday in the spa town of Morahalom not far from Hungary’s border with Serbia, police said in a statement.

Driver of the sedan in black refused to pull over for police checks and fled the scene at great speed. He lost control of his vehicle and it crashed into a home.

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Human trafficker explains migrant smuggling business

There were many people in the car. The car was full of people, including the driver. There were also 10 illegal immigrants inside. The sedan clearly wasn’t designed to carry that many people, with the outcome of the crash being truly horrific.

The police reported that seven people died at the site and four other victims, including the driver, were injured.

He was arrested for being a Serbian citizen. The driver now faces human trafficking charges and the causing an accident that resulted in multiple deaths.

The Balkans are now the most popular route to EU for refugees fleeing conflict in the Middle East or North Africa, as they attempt to access the bloc through Hungary and Croatia.

Hungarian police routinely stop migrants’ cars in Budapest, and they arrest their drivers.

According to a police statement, human trafficking is an offense that can lead to a sentence of up five years in prison.



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