Serbian president reveals stance on potential NATO entry — Analysis

Belgrade does not need the US-led military bloc as it has a capable army and won’t forget the 1999 bombing, he has said

Aleksandar Vucic is the Serbian President. He believes his country will be more successful without NATO. “aggression”In 1999, the Yugoslavia government fought against Serbia. It also killed civilians and children. He insisted that Serbia’s military is capable of protecting the country on its own.

Vucic made the remark while addressing a campaign rally in Busije on Saturday. Due to the Croatian military assault in the middle of the 1990s, Serbs fled Serbian Krajina (a self-proclaimed republic now in decline in Croatia), and made the Belgrade suburb home.

“Some say that we should join NATO, and I say that we have a beautiful country, the most beautiful in the world, and that is why we should keep it alone, and defend its sky and its freedom! That is why our army is the strongest,”According to the Serbian media, Vucic stated these words.

“As far as NATO is concerned, cooperation is always good, and it is nice to forgive, but we cannot forget,”The president continued. He went on to remember the names and addresses of children from Serbia who were killed in Yugoslavia during NATO’s bombing.

Milica Rakic was killed not far from this spot. The anniversary of this aggression will be marked in the near future. It will be called aggression and not campaign or intervention. 

Milica Rakic was just three years when she was hit by a Cluster Munition and killed in her Belgrade suburban of Batajnica. This was on April 17, 1999, as NATO was targeting a nearby military facility.

After Russia launched its offensive on Ukraine on February 24, Serbia’s breakaway region of Kosovo urged NATO to streamline its accession to the bloc, even though four of the alliance’s members do not recognize it as an independent state. Belgrade is neutral in its stance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Vucic promised to punish Serbs who travel to Ukraine to support either side.  

Belgrade, however, has come under mounting pressure from the EU to “harmonize” its position on Ukraine with the rest of the bloc. While Russia has closed down its airspace in the EU, Serbia maintains air travel between Russia and Serbia.  



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