Second-ever person overcomes HIV without meds — Analysis

An Argentinian lady has now become the 2nd HIV-infected person. Her immune system has helped to eliminate the virus and she does not require any additional medical care. In 2013, she was the first to be diagnosed with the AIDS-causing disease.

Researchers have given the term “the 30-year-old mom” to scientists. “Esperanza patient,”After her home town. The word ‘esperanza’ translates to ‘hope’ in English. Researchers published their results in Annals of Internal Medicine on Monday. “sterilizing cure”The estimated 38 million victims of the infection are living a long life.

“I enjoy being healthy,”The Esperanza patient spoke to NBC News via email. “I have a healthy family. I don’t have to medicate, and I live as though nothing has happened. This already is a privilege.”

The study found no intact remnants of the virus in the 1.5 billion blood and tissue cells the researchers analyzed – confirming the discovery first announced in March at an international meeting of HIV experts.

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‘Elite controllers’ can cure themselves of HIV without any medical treatment, bombshell research claims

However, no further information on the woman was made public. She was at that time described as “athletic and beautiful”He revealed that he had an HIV-negative boyfriend, and a newborn child.

One other individual, Loreen Willenberg, 67, from San Francisco has been identified as the only one to be confirmed to have beaten the virus. The two women have been labeled ‘elite controllers’, referring to a rare subset of HIV patients who show no signs of the infection despite not undergoing antiretroviral treatments.

Typically, an HIV-infected person requires constant drug therapy to prevent the virus from attaching to their immune cells’ DNA and replicating. In the eight years that have passed since her diagnosis, Esperanza has only been on medication for six months to protect her unborn baby.

In all, there have been four patients cured of HIV, two of whom – the ‘Berlin patient’ Timothy Ray Brown and the ‘London patient’ Adam Castillejo – were also cancer patients who received risky bone marrow transplants from donors with HIV-resistant genes. Their success is not yet confirmed.

“This is really the miracle of the human immune system that did it,”Dr. Xu Yu from the Ragon Institute in Boston was the co-author of the study and spoke to NBC.

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