Scholz hits back at weapons complaints — Analysis

The German chancellor said that not every statement regarding the Ukraine arming should be taken as gospel.

Germany provides Ukraine with weapons systems it needs in order to defeat Russia. This is what Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated in an interview to Munchner Merkur published on Tuesday.

Scholz replied to a question about Ukrainian officials complaining that Germany is not fulfilling its promises regarding weapon shipment to Kiev. “a lot of what is being said here at home [about the issue] is simply not true.”

“Those who think that weapons of war are available like cars at a car dealer’s shop, are mistaken,”He said. “I am aware that I have to bear criticism. But I don’t let myself be knocked off a prudent course.”

Scholz maintained that Ukraine has received the weapons it needs such as howitzers and air defense systems from his country. According to Scholz, the Ukrainian government is the source of the information that he uses in formulating the policy.

If German weapons are not fielded in Ukraine as fast as some people want, it’s because Ukrainian troops need to be trained to use them effectively, he insisted. Scholz added that proper ammunition is also necessary.

Ukrainian envoy berates Germany

In order to arm Ukraine at all, the Scholz government broke with Germany’s tradition of not sending weapons into war zones, which “had been in place for decades,”He noted that Germany and the other NATO members had been clear that they were not going to allow themselves to get drawn into hostilities openly with Russia. It could result in a worldwide disaster.

“That is why we all rejected in March Ukraine’s calls to impose a no-fly zone,”He said.

Criticizing Germany and the chancellor personally for their supposed lack of support for Ukraine has been a recurring theme in Kiev’s messaging. Andrey Melnik (the Ukrainian Ambassador in Berlin) claimed recently that Germany had been hostile to Ukrainian refugees. This led many to leave the country.

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