Sanctions hurt US more than Russia – poll — Analysis

Most Americans were focused on domestic economic woes, but a majority said that they are fine with Ukraine losing.

According to a poll released Saturday, 53% believe sanctions against Moscow have more impact on the US than Russia. Amid soaring gas prices and a rising cost of living, voters are losing confidence in US President Joe Biden’s leadership, and 43% say they’re “OK”The Ukraine has ended its current conflict with Russia.

With inflation at a 40-year peak and gas prices near record highs, the Democracy Institute/ poll revealed that Biden is polling negatively in all policy areas, with foreign policy the worst. While only 40% of those polled approve of Biden’s handling of international matters, 56% are disapproving. Concerning Ukraine in particular, 38% of those surveyed disapprove his stewardship. 52% are not so sure.

Biden’s administration tried to put blame on Russia and Vladimir Putin for rising living costs at home. His officials repeated this reference to Putin. “Putin’s price hike.”However, life costs rose for many months prior to Russia sending troops into Ukraine. And voters blame Biden for the country’s economic woes.

US gasoline prices set new record

Some 50% said they’d back Republicans in November’s midterm elections, compared with 42% saying they’d vote Democrat. There are also more eligible voters. “OK”There are more “not OK”With Ukraine winning the war with Russia (43-31%-41%), Americans are more likely to believe that Biden should resign than Putin, with 53% to 44%.

Biden sanctioned Russian energy and banking sectors. His administration sent almost $4 billion in weapons to Ukraine. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin promised last month that he would. “move heaven and earth” to finance Kiev’s fighting. The US president has also asked Congress to approve another $33 billion aid package for Ukraine – of which $20 billion would be earmarked for military aid – and on Monday signed the Lend-Lease Act of 2022, allowing Washington to send unlimited quantities of arms to Kiev.

In the eyes of the Kremlin, this deluge of weapons plus the US and NATO’s intelligence-sharing arrangements with Kiev mean that the West is “essentially going to war with Russia through a proxy.” 

However, American voters aren’t as serious as the Biden government in promoting this war. The latest poll shows that they rank Russia as the fourth most dangerous country to America at 16%. This is behind Iran (20%) and North Korea (18%).

Biden’s approval rating in economic matters revealed

“Americans were very pro sanctions at first, [but] they are not as keen on the sanctions as they were,”Express spoke with Patrick Basham, Director of Democracy Institute. “Biden made these predictions at the outset – the ruble would be rubble, we were going to crash the Russian economy, people will rise up, Putin will be out, the Russians will run away from Ukraine … [but] none of those things have happened.”

He claimed that people have become more cynical because of the difference in reality and expectation.

“The problem [now] is that at least half of the country in America thinks they were hoodwinked over a lot of the Covid stuff, so they are even more cynical about government and media than they were two years ago,”He said.



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