How Samuel Leach Turned a £2,000 University Bursary into a Multi-Million Pound Trading Empire

Samuel Leach did not come from a wealthy background. Quite the opposite. After his parents’ divorce, he lived in shared housing with his dad and brother. The three of them had one bed between them during this time. Despite this, around a decade later, Samuel Leach was one of the United Kingdom’s youngest millionaires. Here’s how he climbed to the top.  

The True Self-Made Millionaire 

The phrase ‘self-made’ is thrown around frequently, however, in Samuel Leach’s case it’s true. The youngster came from a working-class British background and, over the course of just a few years, he built a remarkable trading empire. Growing up with less than most, he knew from a young age that he wanted a job that would make him a lot of money. 

As a teen, he began researching roles that could help him along the way. After looking up the highest-paying jobs in the country, he set about applying for them. That self-starting attitude gained him a role in a private bank, which enabled him to learn about finances. That knowledge would soon prove invaluable when he got his first shot at serious trading. 

After completing college with high grades, Samuel Leach enrolled in a Marketing and Advertising degree at the University of Hertfordshire for which he received a bursary. He took the £2,000 payment and put it directly into a trading account. Soon enough, he would turn that small account into a massive £178,000, all while he was still studying his degree. 

Using hedging as his primary method of trading, Samuel Leach had one major competitive edge: research. Before he even considered making a significant investment in any stocks, he would start looking into the history of the company. This vigilance was the very thing that allowed him to turn a £10,000 investment into £100,000 in just three short days. 

By 2012, he had launched his own business, Samuel & Co. Trading. During the first three years of business, he remained the sole employee of the company. However, thanks to his rapid trading success, he was able to employ 60 staff members by 2015. Fast-forward to the present day and the firm is now a multinational, multi-million-pound company.   

Educating Aspiring Traders

Backed by industry experts, Samuel & Co. Trading shares a variety of training programs with aspiring traders. The business has the sole aim of educating individuals and allowing them to build their own wealth using the financial markets. Needless to say, aspiring traders come to the company at different stages during their financial careers. 

For that reason, Samuel Leach and his team of trained experts offer different levels of training. From the standard Free Online Trading Programme or Weekly Trade Lessons to and the Wealth Programme and the Complete Trader online course, there’s an option for every level of expertise. Learning expert-backed strategies, understanding the latest insights, and getting into the right mindset for trading are all steps toward overall success. 

Covid-19 Outbreak and the Markets 

The global outbreak of Covid-19 has changed all of our lives and, unsurprisingly, impacted the markets too. Since March 2020, the financial landscape has been impacted dramatically. Throughout this period, news sources have looked to Samuel Leach as an expert on the matter. In recent months, he has been sharing his insights with the world. 

Towards the start of the pandemic, Samuel Leach took to Medium to publish a variety of posts about the impact of Covid-19. The first, The Coronavirus and Impact on the Global Economy, detailed how the pandemic may hit the economy and its lasting effects in the times to come. That was swiftly followed by a second post on the topic, Covid-19: Wave 2 Analysis. The latter looked at Britain’s growth of the curve, warning that cases may soar. 

Samuel Leach’s analysis of the situation did not end there. When President Trump was diagnosed with Covid-19 and treated, he weighed in with his opinion. In Trump Treated with Experimental Drug Remdesivir!, he looked at how many stocks had increased upon the president leaving the hospital. Moreover, he put forward a theory that, should Joe Biden win the election, it would be bad for Wall Street and may cause people to lose faith. 

More recently, Samuel Leach has spoken to news outlets about his insights. In November, when the news broke that the Pfizer vaccine trials had seen positive results, he was asked to conduct an interview with BBC Three Counties Radio about the impact of this announcement. During the interview, he announced that the day had ‘been a complete turnaround for those stocks’ referring to the travel and leisure sector specifically. 

“We’re seeing Rolls Royce claim 73% on the day. We haven’t seen these sort of percentages for a long time,” he told the presenter, before continuing. “British Airways is up 34% so this is a convincing move for the economy as a whole.” He also went on to talk about how the vaccine news could also impact the U.S. markets, stating that they ‘printed fresh highs’ and even calling that turn of events ‘unbelievable’. 

While the pandemic still has the markets on a roller-coaster ride, Samuel Leach has been keeping his ear to the ground. As an expert in how the markets react to certain stimuli, he has the knowledge to make some secure predictions and advise others. Should you want to know more about his insights, follow him on social media, or sign up for his newsletter. 

About Samuel Leach and Samuel & Co. Trading 

Samuel & Co. Trading is a multinational, multi-million-pound trading business, founded by Samuel Leach. The well-established firm offers training options to individuals who want to build their wealth while learning about the financial markets. With offices in Watford, the business has taught more than 3,000 people from 63 countries since 2016. Regardless of your current understanding of trading or skillset, getting expert-backed training and support could be the key to excelling financially. 

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