Sacked Ukrainian ambassador lashes out at German official

The head of the German state of Saxony is “unwanted” in Ukraine, Andrey Melnik says

Kiev’s former ambassador to Berlin, Andrey Melnik, has said his invitation to the president of Germany’s eastern state of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer, to visit Ukraine has been rescinded.

After his comments caused many awkward situations between Kiev, Berlin and the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, Zelensky fired him from his position.

Melnik’s latest comment followed Kretschmer’s interview with the broadcaster ZDF earlier this week, in which he said it was important to “freeze”The Ukraine conflict and the need for negotiations and a ceasefire. He also regretted that negotiations had not been held. “very little public debate”Germany: Possible peace negotiations between Kiev and Moscow

Melnik, in a Sunday tweet, reprimanded Kretschmer and said: “with your absurd rhetoric about freezing the war, you are playing into Putin’s hands and fueling Russia’s aggression.”

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Ukranian ambassador to Germany Andrey Melnik accompanies Ukraine's Foreign Minister Kuleba during meetings in the Bundestag.
Germany has abandoned Ukraine – controversial ex-envoy

“I invited you to Ukraine. This invitation has been canceled,”He added that the ex-ambassador had written: “You are UNWANTED. Period.”

Melnik still describes himself as Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany on his Twitter profile, despite being out of the job for almost two months.

Kretschmer has been speaking out about the importance of “freeze”Russia’s conflict with Ukraine has led to Europe arguing it is at risk of losing its economic strength and being less competitive in the international arena.

Melnik told the leader of Saxony, late July, via social media: “Ukrainians are in favor of you sticking your head in a freezer to freeze your hot Russia fantasies.”

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FILE PHOTO: People carry a baner with a portrait of Stepan Bandera during a march of nationalists from different parties dedicated to mark the 110th anniversary of the birth of Ukrainian politician Stepan Bandera, in Kiev, Ukraine. © STR / NurPhoto via Getty Images
Ukrainian diplomat likens Nazi collaborator Robin Hood

Melnik, who was ambassador during his tenure, accused Berlin of not providing enough military support to Ukraine. His comments about German Chancellor Olaf Scholz were also a big deal. “offended liver sausage”because he was unwilling to travel to Kiev. Scholz finally visited Kiev in June.

In late June, Melnik defended Stepan Bandera – a controversial Ukrainian national hero, who collaborated with the Nazis during WWII – in an interview with German podcaster Tilo Jung.

According to the envoy, Bandera wasn’t involved in mass killing of Jews and Poles. He compared him with Robin Hood. “is being revered by everyone”Yet, despite the fact that you’re someone who “didn’t act according to the law that was in force then.”

The statement raised eyebrows in Germany, Poland and Israel, with Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry stepping in and clarifying that Melnik’s words reflected his own views, but not Kiev’s official stance.



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