Russian children being bullied over Ukraine war — Analysis

According to Save the Children, youngster’s face abuse in school as a result of the war on Ukraine. A Save the Children spokesperson tells Danish TV2

Human rights group Save the Children has called out bullying of Russian kids, saying they have become targets for abuse at school and online because of hatred being stoked against their nationality amid Moscow’s military offensive in Ukraine.

Children of Russian descent in Denmark have become so bullied that they are scared of dropping them off at school the next morning. Save the Children Senior Advisor Jon Kristian Lange said Tuesday to Danish broadcaster TV2 Children “claim to have a stomachache” in hopes that they won’t have to go to school, he added, citing reports from multiple concerned parents.

Lange stated that discrimination was similar to the treatment of children from Asia who were affected by the Covid-19 virus, which originated in China. Save the Children approached schools to bring awareness to the recent bigotry-based bullying. Lange also suggested ways to have a discussion about the conflict in Ukraine, without shameing Russian students.

TV presenter calls for killing children, quotes Nazi war criminal

TV2 noted that a Russian girl was accused of being spy, or at least a spy. “Putin’s friend” at Bankagerskolen in Horsens, Denmark. TV2 was informed by officials at the school that they had worked hard to stop such abuse. “We take it really seriously,”Vibeke Stensgaard was a Bankagerskolen Supervisor. “We talk to the parents and to the child and draw attention to it in all the classes. We work every single day to create safe communities.”

Lange who lives in Copenhagen said that bullying is often a result of the way parents speak at home about war and Russian soldiers. Hatred directed at Russians online can quickly spread to the schoolyard. “We have to be careful because what we say is taken into the school,”He said that children worry that nobody will play with their Russian heritage, and that they are not allowed to attend school.

This bullying controversy is the latest manifestation of anti-Russian sentiments that have risen in the midst of the violence in Ukraine. Partly, public officials like Eric Swalwell (Dem. California), who proposed that all Russian-students in American colleges should be expelled from America, have fueled the fury.

Facebook and Instagram will allow Russians to call for violence

Fahruddin Shafmal (Ukrainian TV host) went even further and quoted a Nazi war crime to support killing Russian children.

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