Russian chief spy says he won’t congratulate CIA — Analysis

The US agency’s 75-year history is made up of scandals, provocations, and meddling in other countries, Sergey Naryshkin explained

The head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Sergey Naryshkin has said he won’t send any greetings to the US Central Intelligence Agency on its upcoming 75th anniversary.  He cited the organization’s controversial activities and “provocations against sovereign states”As his motivations.

Naryshkin wrote an article on Wednesday to commemorate the birthday of CIA. It is September 18. In 1947, President Harry Truman, the then-US president, signed the National Security Act. This legislation was one of the most influential pieces of Cold War legislation. 

“The history of this agency is made up of numerous provocations, surrounded by a halo of myths, secrets and scandals,” the SVR chief wrote in his piece, entitled ‘75 candles on CIA’s birthday cake’. He said that almost every conflict in the world over the last seven-and-a half decades was without mention of the CIA.  

The CIA is now in its 76th anniversary of existence. “remains a zealous perpetrator of the will of the ruling elites of its country [the US]. Despite the significant changes taking place, those elites continue to think of themselves as hegemons in a unipolar world,”But the SVR chief was insistent.

All attempts to rule the world are doomed to fail – Russia

“Despite being an intelligence organization by name, it has a visible tendency towards subversive and disruptive activities aimed against sovereign states,”He wrote.

This is why “there will be no birthday congratulations and wishes [to the CIA]. As there can be no compromise in assessing its role in history and its ‘merits’ before humanity,”Naryshkin concluded.

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